Not that we’re complaining, because we need the post fodder, but is Freedom Industries, they of the “whoops, sorry we murdered your water, West Virginia” problem, behaving in an almost comically evil manner? First, there was their brave leader, Gary Southern, chugging bottles of water while Virginians had none. Then there was the refusal to […]

Let’s kick off today’s NYT review with some chit-chat about guns, because there is never going to be a shortage of Second Amendment harpies shrieking that if they cannot carry a gun everywhere, all our freedoms will disappear. Today, let’s learn about Kansas’s fun new requirement where public buildings actually can’t ban guns anymore unless […]

JP Morgan is going to have to pay $410 million dollars for manipulating energy markets in California and Michigan between 2010-2012, and if you’re thinking that this sounds an awful lot like what Enron was doing, well, you’re right! It was! Via CNN Money: The bank’s energy unit, JP Morgan Venture Energy Corporation, was accused […]

Today was just like any other day in that we woke up thinking, “Can we love Elizabeth Warren more today than we did yesterday, given that she is one of a tiny handful of people who seems not only committed to putting the banks in their place but also sufficiently empowered, politically, intellectually, and otherwise, […]

Hey, remember when convicted crimer/Cheney best bud/secret Energy Task Force honcho/Enron chief Ken Lay “died” (moved to Paraguay) without ever darkening the door to his prison cell? We remember it too! We assume Jeff Skilling, Lay’s patsy/aka actual CEO of Enron/not really a patsy at all really, remembers it as well and is all why […]

Hello from sunny California, now home to two three vaginally-afflicted members of your crack Wonkette cyborg team. It is a fun state, full of many wonderful things like giant trees, Mexican goth teens, and of course, Danny DeVito’s allegedly hyperactive peen. But what else does California have to offer its mixed population of liberal shitstains […]

What is LIBOR, you might be wondering? And who has messed with it? And how exactly will a banking scandal in London have something to do Mitt Romney? Well, what wouldn’t it have to do with Mitt Romney? First things first: LIBOR stands for the London Interbank Offered Rate, and according to the BBC, it […]

Ann Coulter has a guest opinioner in The Hollywood Reporter, and she has some thoughts she would like to share on that mean old Hollywood and how it is always smearing priests and WASPs and Southerners and Christians while holding up as heroes public school teachers if you can even believe it. Public school teachers! […]

The first year and a half or so of the ’00s sure seem pretty awesome in retrospect, right? The worst we had to worry about was Al Gore’s “lock box” and the sudden discovery that maybe sometimes corporations acted in the interests of their own short-term profit, rather than for the greater good of society! […]

CRIME  9:48 am October 18, 2006

Ken Lay Innocent! World Rejoices!

by Alex Pareene

WAR ON TERROR  9:05 am September 27, 2006

Daily Briefing: Iraqi Idol

by Alex Pareene