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Donald Trump Reads State Of The Union Speech Without Shitting Own Pants, Is Presidential AF

We watched the State of the Union so you wouldn't have to.

The Week In Garbage Men: When The Man Who Is Garbage Is Also Your Boss

It's time to put an end to at-will employment.

Ladies, We Hope You Didn’t Like Those Dead End Jobs Too Much!

A change is a shift, and a shift is a trend, and in any case nobody say sexism!

House’s Obamacare Repeal As Bad For Jobs As For Healthcare, Hooray!

The news about the effects of repealing Obamacare just keeps getting the opposite of better.

Idaho Town Doing Just Fine Without Alex Jones’s Anti-Immigrant Hatefest, Thanks!

Yes, Idaho has bigots. But they're not winning. Your OPEN THREAD!
Boob Says 'Titties'

Donald Trump Gives Boring Wrong Speech On Economy, But At Least Says ‘Titties’

Donald Trump gave another bad teleprompter speech aimed at proving he's not unhinged. Yeah, that should fix everything.
People with disabilities should just knock it off and stop faking

Sen. Tom Cotton Knows ‘Disabled’ Fakers Spending Your Tax Moneys On Drugs

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton returned to one of the Great Republican Myths the other day, suggesting the Social Security Disability program is not merely full of fakes and cheaters, but might actually cause economic decline and drug abuse. In...

Lesbian Superhero Houston Mayor Wants Gay Rights Ordinance Back Right Now, Dammit

Tuesday night, Houston took one giant leap backward for humankind, as the Jenny Jerkoffs who showed up to vote decided to listen to lying religious right mofos instead of their own good sense, and effectively killed the Houston Equal...
Don't mind me, I'm just being a complete asshole.

Who’s Winning The ‘F*ck The Poors’ Trophy This Week? It is Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback!

Welfare queens of Kansas, we are very sorry, for your worst nightmares have come true. Your governor, Sam Brownback, has signed HB 2256, which, as we reported earlier in April, makes all the changes to welfare everybody wants, but is...
Thank god somebody has some fresh thinking!

GOP’s Awesome Plan To Make America All Better, Starting With Killing A Million Jobs

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have affixed their names to a VERY IMPORTANT op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today,* explaining all the terrific fresh new ideas that they'll be able to accomplish with their brand-new Republican control of...
The One shines His Glorious Light Upon Our Valiant Troops

Nice Time: Barack Obama Will Get Vets Jobs And Stop Global Warming All At Once

Just to remind people that he is in fact a hippie greenie liberal who likes to stimulate the economy whether the economy is in the mood or not, Barack Obama is moving forward with a program to train 50,000...

US Senator Jeff Sessions Is A Buzzkill And A Total Narc

Oh noes! The nation's top Law Enforcement Officer made a joke about weed! Doesn't he know that pot kills and that it is NO LAUGHING MATTER? What is our once-great nation even coming to when the FBI Director can...

Insanely Low New Unemployment Numbers Mean Barack Obama Did 9/11

Good news! The new Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report came out, and more Americans are working, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%, and jobs numbers were revised upwards in July and August. Of course, Barry Obama had a bad...

Today (or Tomorrow) We’re All Helen Thomas

The other day (we're old and can't remember exactly when ... or even where we are right now, actually!), the Wall Street Journal posted on the computer thingamajig that Helen Thomas is "the future of America," for being 89...

New Data Shows Economy Still Sucks

Remember all that talk about how the unemployment rate fell by .1 percent last month and this proved, definitively, that happy days were here again? Remember all the sailors kissing ladies in the streets, and the wonderful ticker-tape parades?...