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Ted Cruz Does Not Like Lisa Simpson In A Boat, Does Not Like Her With A Goat

Is Lisa Simpson a Demmycrat? You're damn right she is!

President Fuck-Your-Feelings Is All Smiles For School Shooting Photo-ops

There is a time and a place for a 'thumb's up' picture. This was not it.

Trump Reddit Assholes Feeling Triggered By All This ‘Me Too’ Business!

Participants in Reddit's The_Donald say if women didn't want to be sexually harassed or assaulted, they could just carry guns.

Deleted Comments: Demons Are Real. Elizabeth Warren Is Fake.

Demons are real, Elizabeth Warren is fake, and selfishness is empathy. Quite a load this week.

Judge Throws Several Books At Teens Who Vandalized Historic Black Schoolhouse

It's an innovative sentence. But can you diagram it?
This man knows malarky when he sees it

Watch Old Handsome Joe Biden Kick Sixteen Kinds Of Ass In His DNC Speech

Old Handsome Joe Biden delivered one fine Old Handsome Joe Biden speech at the DNC Wednesday. He's electric as ever.

Texas A.G. Tells Former Investigator To Please Shut Up About Trump University Lawsuit, Please

Texas's Attorney General told former attorney to stop talking about Trump University, because it's all over now, nothing to see, please go home.
I don't understand. It beeps whenever I type "An Idiot"

Study Finds Sarcasm Is Good For You. Yeah, Right.

Excellent news, everyone! A new study has determined that reading Wonkette will add years to your life, help you lose weight, make you smarter, and guarantee you more access to sex. Or snark. Maybe it was snark. Also, the...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul Can Fix Racism With Tax Cuts And More Republicans

Rand Paul continued his mavericky streak of being the only Republican who wants to reach out to black voters -- or at least wave his hand in their general direction -- with a speech Tuesday to Republicans in Baltimore,...

Science: Jerks Don’t Understand Sarcasm, Explaining 95 Percent Of Our Letters To The Editor

Everyone would like to think that the ability to get irony and sarcasm has something to do with being smart -- it just makes sense, after all, that picking up on the subtle cues that a statement isn't meant...

John Boehner Too Busy Being Orange To Do Much Else

Elana Kagan is "okay" as far as Harvard lesbians go, but most Americans would rather have an empathetic Supreme Court Justice, someone who knows deep down inside that ripping bong should be legal. Get totally pumped for RedState Gathering...

‘You Remind Me Of Timothy McVeigh, The Domestic Terrorist’

Not for the first time, we are sort of at a loss to explain how certain bewildered Wonkette visitors find themselves in the unfortunate position of reading the trash that passes for writing on this site. If you are...

Will A Justice Sotomayor Try To Run Afghanistan From The Bench While Stripping Words From Important Oaths?

Sonia Sotomayor has been an official Supreme Court nominee for all of an hour, so the HONEYMOON'S OVER. Now both her defenders and her detractors can get to the hard work of justifying their jobs by shouting at each...

We Have A Supreme Court Nominee!

"President Obama has chosen federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, two sources told CNN on Tuesday." Jeffrey Rosen is rolling in his grave. President Obama is expected make the official announcement in an...