A tenacious soul has set all of Mitt Romney’s campaign-destroying proclamations to the tune of an old Proletariat chantey. Enjoy! [YouTube]

As everyone knows, high-profile old people Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have the ear of America. Their debt commission came up with a brilliant winning solution that is being implemented now, and everyone pays attention to them and their opinions on current twenty-first century society. For example, what is the problem with grandchildren and their […]

On a list of Detroit’s biggest problems, the lack of a statue honoring RoboCop would seem to rank rather low. For SOME people. For some. Yet in a city where some of the most prominent buildings have sat vacant for decades and booting a scandal-plagued mayor out of office took eight months, raising $50,000 to […]

EMERGENCY WONK'D  10:18 am July 15, 2008

by Jim Newell

EMERGENCY OBAMA WONK’D: Wonkette bodybuilding operative “Will” sends us an important notice of Barack Obama’s whereabouts this morning: “At washington sports club on connecticut north of dupont. He and reggie love were lifting free weights and listening to ipods. Barack’s musical selection? Eminem – Lose Yourself.” What a loser!