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Kissinger Advises Trump: Do Illegal Immediately. Wonkagenda for Wed., Oct 11. 2017

Trump talks with Kissinger, REXXON's 'fucking moron' gets worse, and Mike Ditka is a fucking idiot. Your BIG morning news brief!

Portishead Sings ABBA To Protest Brexit Movement. Your Weekly Dance Party

You come listen to these songs right now!

Terrible Pill Man With Punchy Face Will ‘Drop’ Drug Price If You Won’t Murder Him Please

This week the internet has been doing a mighty good Two Minutes Hate against asshole pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli, and for good reason, since his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, decided to buy the rights to a life-saving drug, Daraprim, and...
Dumb. A-Hole.

Dumb A-Hole Scott Walker Wants To Protect Boy Scouts From Politicians Like Him

The Boy Scouts of America -- they're like the Girl Scouts, kind of, but not as tough, or cool, and no cookies, so, you know, LAME -- decided to join the 21st century and dump its ban on letting The...
Satan's gang signs -- All the proof you need!

Sundays With The Christianists: Their Satanic Majesties Request … MORE COWBELL!

Rightwing radio preacher and homeschooling guru Kevin Swanson is starting to let us down, folks -- the penultimate chapter of his e-rant about the inevitable doom of western civilization is just about the laziest attack on the supposedly corrupting...

Watch Mitt Romney ‘Rapping’ While Obama Sings The Chorus (VIDEO)

A tenacious soul has set all of Mitt Romney's campaign-destroying proclamations to the tune of an old Proletariat chantey. Enjoy!

Alan Simpson Decries Grandchildren These Days, ‘Enema Man’

As everyone knows, high-profile old people Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have the ear of America. Their debt commission came up with a brilliant winning solution that is being implemented now, and everyone pays attention to them and their...

Detroit Gets RoboCop

On a list of Detroit’s biggest problems, the lack of a statue honoring RoboCop would seem to rank rather low. For SOME people. For some. Yet in a city where some of the most prominent buildings have sat vacant for decades...

EMERGENCY OBAMA WONK'D: Wonkette bodybuilding operative "Will" sends us an important notice of Barack Obama's whereabouts this morning: "At washington sports club on connecticut north of dupont. He and reggie love were lifting free weights and listening to ipods....