Aging dirty hippie Al Gore called into the new Bill Press show “Full Court Press” (get it?) on Current TV to point and laugh at all the stupid GOP candidates, and to say their debates are astonishingly shallow, and to aver that surely even the majority of Republicans are embarrassed by these Little Torquemadas who […]

A Republican candidate for Georgia governor in 2010, John Oxendine, e-mailed political reporters about some epic YouPorn thing he had just shot, one that would destroy the Democratic candidate, former governor Roy Barnes, politically: “A campaign spokesman said the ad ‘demonstrates John Oxendine’s commitment to using innovative, cutting-edge genre to communicate serious messages in creative […]

Whatever this is, it sure looks educational. Write your own context! Or just read what our Hill operative sent us, which still does not truly explain why this nut is ranting about AIG bonuses next to a picture that racist slob from teevee.

ANN COULTER  12:17 pm February 20, 2008

by Sara K. Smith