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Tag: elton john

Unceremoniously Knocked Up Bristol Palin Pissed About Thing

Bristol is APPALLED by these so-called 'A-listers' who won't even perform for Trump's inauguration. HOW DARE THEY?
Lance Sanderson, with gay stripes all over him.

Catholic School Sends Gay Boy Home For A Week To Think About How Gay He’s Been

Remember that kid from Memphis, Gay Lance Something-Or-Other? If you don't, NO, he did not build a clock, that boy was a Muslim, not a gay! Lance Sanderson is a senior at a Catholic boys' school called Christian Brothers,...
Satan's gang signs -- All the proof you need!

Sundays With The Christianists: Their Satanic Majesties Request … MORE COWBELL!

Rightwing radio preacher and homeschooling guru Kevin Swanson is starting to let us down, folks -- the penultimate chapter of his e-rant about the inevitable doom of western civilization is just about the laziest attack on the supposedly corrupting...

Elton John Pleads Not Guilty To Arizona Shooting Deaths

Jared Loughner pleaded not guilty today in federal court in Phoenix. Sure thing! Good luck with that! But according to courtroom illustrations, it wasn't Loughner who entered the plea, but someone who appeared to be beloved recording artist/dear friend...

A Children’s Treasury of Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photos and Rush Fan Comments About Them

Young hearthrob Rush Limbaugh has a brand new Facebook page, and he has used this platform to at long last give the screeching masses what they want: photos of his wedding. "Sharing a laugh with Elton John backstage before...