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BANNON, BANNON, BANNON! Wonkagenda For Thurs., Jan. 4, 2018

The lovers' quarrel between Bannon and Trump gets brutal, Trump gets ready to drill, baby, drill, and Ellen DeGeneres invites Eric Trump to her big, gay agenda.

Your Weekly Top Ten Hopes You Get Just What You Want For WAR ON CHRISTMAS


Hero Alabama Dad Who Lost Gay Daughter Went On Ellen To Make You Laugh And Cry And SHUT UP YOU ARE

Here. Have a happy post. They are in such short supply these days.

This Alabama Dad Is The Hero We Wish We Didn’t Need

Listen to this man right now.

Ellen DeGeneres Sticks ‘Finding Dory’ Up Trump’s Immigrant-Hating Ass

Hey Trump, did you watch the movie? DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING FROM IT?

It’s Your Super Duper Mega-Nice 2016 Ultimate Nice Time Compendium!

We could all use some Nice Time about now. Here, have a whole lot of it.

Let’s Watch Hillary Clinton Dance With That Ken Bone Dude, Because It’s Friday

Hillary went on 'The Ellen Show'! It was great!

What Ellen DeGeneres And Katy Perry Did For Pulse Shooting Survivor Will Make You Sob Happy Tears

Start your weekends off right with THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY.

Rush Limbaugh Tried To Warn You About Obama’s Lesbian Farmers, But You LAUGHED AT HIM

Rush knows liberals are OUTRAGED that he figured out Obama's secret lesbian farmer conspiracy plans!

Hillary’s Veep Revealed, And It Is Beyoncé! Your Weekly Dance Party

You come listen to all these songs RIGHT NOW, because Vice President Beyoncé said so.

Does Hillary Clinton Love Christina Aguilera’s Booby Knockers More Than She Loves America?

Is Hillary Clinton a secret Hillzbian? PROBABLY. But she DEFINITELY murdered Vince Foster.

Nice Time! Ellen DeGeneres Tells Mississippi Where To Ram Its New Gay-Hatin’ Law

Ellen DeGeneres is America's Sweetheart for a reason. She is also a lot of the reason the gay agenda has been crammed so tightly into our nation's throat, because who does not love Ellen The Lesbian Funny Gal? People who...

Let’s Watch Barack And Michelle Obama Make Goo Goo Sexes At Each Other In Public

The birds are chirping and the salmons are sexing (somewhere probably) and love is in the air! That's because Sunday is Valentine's Day, and OK yeah we get it, the holiday is total BS, a thing foisted on those...

Here’s Bernie Sanders On The Ellen Show, Talkin’ About Handcuffs And Tight Panties

Oh look, Bernie Sanders has a softer side! He's not all GRRRRR! free college and AAAAAARGH! murder Wall Street all the time. Sen. Sanders stopped by the Ellen show, probably because he was still in the neighborhood after Tuesday's...
Stanky Leg

Here’s Your Video Of Hillary Clinton Twerking Like She’s Miley Cyrus Or Something

OK that headline may be overselling this a little bit. Hillary Clinton is 67, and she is a white grandma lady, so we can forgive her for not having the moves of a Beyoncé or a Michelle Obama. But she's trying! Hillary went on...
Bad-ass Janelle Monae rocking a tux, GONNA BAN HER FROM PROM TOO?

Louisiana Principal Determined To Ruin Prom For Bad-A** Tux-Wearing Lesbian Honors Student

Priorities! Carroll High School in Monroe, Louisiana, has them! Claudetteia Love is 17, she is a top honors student headed to college on a full scholarship, and she would like to go the prom with her friends. She would...