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Did you hear that? It’s the sound of Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre’s and zombie Charlton Heston’s heads, all exploding in glorious concert, because the Supremes ruled against a Gun Thing yesterday, which is weird because we totally figured that the Fab Five conservatives on the Court loved them some rolling back gun regulations as much as […]

Did you know that when Yr Wonket counts its blessings, we count Larry Klayman first and always? You probably did not know this, but it is god’s own truth, because if there were no Larry Klayman, there would be so much less Wonket. For real, we wrote about Larry Klayman like a dozen times this […]

It is only the very first day of your long slog until the weekend and your inevitable decline and death, so that means it is high time for some nice time, yes? YES. And what could be nicer and more adorable than this handsome old-timey portrait of all the lady justices? Nothing, that’s what.

In 1978, future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and most awesome woman in the entire galaxy Ruth Bader Ginsburg was giving a presentation to that same esteemed body for a case dealing with how gender should be treated by the equal protection clause (an issue which has always been kind of been a bugaboo […]

Yr Wonkette, just like everybody else, still stuck in one of the first four stages of the five stages of grief. (“Acceptance” is not on the table. Not now, not ever). In order to get through the day, we’ve been searching the internets for things that are not awful. We have also been drinking but […]

Notorious fringe-right “originalist” boobs Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas were so happy with the announcement that the Supreme Court will be hearing a challenge to the health care reform law that they celebrated immediately afterward by boozing it up with the legal team that will be arguing against the law. According to the Los Angeles […]

Antonin Scalia was spotted giving Elena Kagan “a lesson” about shootin’ crap at a shooting “club” last week, according to The Daily Caller, which has set up a tin-can telephone at the bottom of Tucker Carlson’s treehouse to receive such tips. Clarence Thomas is gonna be so pissed when he finds out his blood brother […]

Remember when RedState put up a Drudge Siren about how the NRA was going to endorse Harry Reid? Yeah, not happening. They say they won’t support him because he voted for Justices Sotomayor and Kagan. So why did taxpayers fund a $61 million earmark for a gun range in the middle of the Nevada desert?

“When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell laid out his opposition to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination, someone in the chamber appeared to be moving around in his chair, gasping and rolling his eyes.” Oh no! Who would do such a thing?! Turns out it was Sen. Al Franken, who was presiding over the Senate and […]

There she is, Miss Supreme Court. There she is, your ideal. At long last, Elena Kagan has gone from the cocoon of Senate confirmation hearings and emerged a beautiful judicial butterfly. In what is now a great American tradition, Kagan made sure not to answer a single question during the entire marathon, and now the […]

You probably just assumed that Elana Kagan has been on the Supreme Court for months, stone cold legislating from the bench and making everyone have gay abortions without their guns or whatever, but in fact she still has to be confirmed by the full Senate. Is this a thing that will happen? Probably! The New […]

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate today. The score was 13 to 6, entirely along party lines except for Lindsey Graham, who voted “YOU GO, GIRL.” Graham said Kagan was “not someone he would have chosen,” according to the Times, as she is not his […]

With handsome devil Carte Goodwin scheduled to be sworn in as Robert Byrd’s seat-warming replacement sometime today, Democrats (plus the reliable communist ladies from Maine) should be able to break the Republican filibuster and get that lucrative government money flowing to the unemployed again, huzzah! Plus they plan to spend the whole midterm campaigning telling […]

Arlen Specter has an editorial in USA Today today (today) telling the world that he will vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. The world, of course, does not care. Arlen Specter holds no power over Supreme Court nominations anymore, but even if he did, the news media has finally stopped covering Supreme […]

America’s third-favorite McCain is an Op-Ed columnist at America’s first-favorite McPaper!  And man oh boy, is he hoppin’ mad at that wily Mexican-Hebrew Elena Kagan. But why? Because of War, of course!