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Gonna fuck you up!

Robert Mueller Just Now Getting To The Fun Part Of His Investigation

Another day, another story of GUESS WHAT ROBERT MUELLER IS DOING!
Get ready to be sick of winning

Donald Trump Furious About Recounts In Election He’s Still Pretty Sure Was #Rigged

It's not like the Trump camp has anything to hide. OR DOES IT?

Looks Like Donald Trump’s Campaign Daddy Might Be Dirty Voter Frauding Bad Guy

Domestic violence allegations, being the horrible man who ran Breitbart, and now this?

Trump Frets November Election Is ‘Rigged’ Since He Might Not Win

Donald Trump is already preparing for the revolution that must surely be sparked if Americans fail to vote for him.
Yes, yes, the nice socialist speaks German too, please save your angry emails...

Austrian Neo-Nazi Loses Election, Breitbart Sad

Austria narrowly avoided electing a far right candidate who loves flirting with the language and symbolism of Naziism. Breitbart News choked back a sob.

Trump Guy Has This One Weird Trick To Ratf*ck All The Republican Delegates

Though Donald Trump is the current frontrunner in the race to lose the presidency to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or a stale piece of toast that isn't Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, he still only has 744 delegates out...
Wonkette does not allow magic scrolls, either.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Electoral Dysfunction Edition

Is it Saturday already? Must be time to put on the old Hazmat suit -- which we never leave the house without now, on account of the 'bola -- and go skim off the worst of the dumbth in...
I see fraud people -- everywhere!

Chris McDaniel’s Lawyer Fingers Himself

Mississippi sore loserman Chris McDaniel's team just KNOWS that the June 24 Senate primary vote was rigged against him, and so it has been combing all the voting records to list every possible "irregular" vote and insisting they be...

Who Had The Worst Election Day Tuesday? It Is You, Annette Bosworth of South Dakota!

We've all been pretty busy trying to sort out the election drama in Mississippi, where we still don't know whether human stain Chris McDaniel or angry great-grandpa Thad Cochran will be the Republican standard-bearer, but we really shouldn't sleep...

Obama Can’t Stop Revealing How He Stole Election

You Wonkettians, in your lie-brul enclaves. Why, you probably haven't even spent ONE SINGLE MINUTE seething about Obummer's "victory" since the election ended. No, you're still celebrating with hardcore S&M bondage, lattes, sacrifices to the Dark Lord, and driving...

Obama Steals Election, Again, According to Totally Clear Evidence

We’ve been suspicious about possible voter fraud ever since effeminate numbers demon Nate Silver had a vision during his Pagan Rituals of a comfortable Obama reelection. With the weight of those mathematical odds in your favor, you’d almost be...

Anonymous Claims It Stopped Karl Rove From Hacking The Election By Hacking ORCA, We Think

Oh cool, Anonymous (we think it is Anonymous?) says Karl Rove was gonna vote fraud all the Machines, and that's why he was so flabbergasted and refused to believe it when Fox called Ohio for Bamz, but they stopped...

Orly Taitz Still Suing To Get Off Ballot Guy Who Beat Her In 2010

What, huh? Did you have trouble parsing that headline? It didn't really make much sense, right? But have you considered that the problem might not be the headline, which is doing the best it can, bless its little anthropomorphized...

Michael Steele Called Upon To Prove Some Republican Isn’t Racist

Irrepressible scamp and incidental former lieutenant governor of Maryland Michael Steele testified Thursday as a character witness for Paul Schurick, an adviser in former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich's failed 2010 gubernatorial campaign who is in trouble for allegedly putting...