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Earlier this week I had the unpleasant realization that I have something in common with Donald Trump. I was at work, and I cracked...

The Democratic Convention probed for weaknesses in the Republican nominee, and found a target-rich environment.

Here's you morning newz breif! YOU READ IT RIGHT NOW!

The Democrats made everyone in Philly have a big, old, sad. Now we need to turn that sadness into action.

Gabby Giffords is THE HERO WE NEED.

The BOO-erners were much more scarce on Night Two of the convention, just as we predicted!

Good Taco Tuesday to you, Wonkers! Here's some quick newz to digest!

Meghan McCain was really disappointed the GOP Convention was so friendly to Hillary Clinton. Hmm.

Donald Trump has some new ideas about the U.S. commitment to the NATO alliance. They are ridiculous, frightening thoughts.

New Jersey's failed vice presidential candidate took his snub in stride (again) last night by pitching a fit at the Republican National Convention. Governor...

Because he IS a monster, and Tony Schwartz is so sorry if he made you think he was anything but that.

Donald Trump really loves spam. We're not talking about the delicious Hawaiian delicacy (Donald Trump would never eat a canned meat, and Donald Trump...

We told Dom to ding Hillary's plan where necessary. He gave it a blowjob instead. INTERNS!

While the United Kingdom was busy losing its goddamn mind Friday, Donald Trump took the time to remind everyone that the the fall...

Scott Adams explains why V-neck sweaters and detergent commercials will motivate humiliated men to hit the voting booth for Donald Trump. Obviously.

Trump's only 69, how could he possibly know any better?

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