election 2016

Clownish excrescence Donald Trump went on Larry King’s internet-teevee program (yes, such a thing exists) to say that he’s pretty sure that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, unless of course she’s too old and frail by then. Trump speculated that 2016 looks good for Hillary, but it would be […]

Chris Christie wants America to know that Barack Obama caused the government shutdown by “not bringing people together,” and if Chris Christie were in charge, he’d run this railroad a heck of a lot better, by golly: “My approach would be, as the executive, is to call in the leaders of the Congress, the legislature, […]

Scott Brown has been wandering the grounds of the Iowa State Fair, telling visitors he is “exploring a possible run” for president in 2016. The Des Moines Register followed him around the fair as he ate a corn dog, “adopted a goofy pose” in front of a prize bull, and introduced himself to voters: ”I’m […]

Dan Calabrese, a blogger for Herman Cain’s website — Herman Cain does not “write” things, obviously — has a pretty trenchant political analysis today that explains that Hillary Clinton isn’t quite the experienced political badass that everyone thinks she is! Her resume only looks impressive, but it actually is not, because: a) she didn’t achieve […]

Charlotte Allen, the Independent Women’s Forum writer who’s mostly known for a notorious 2008 column about how silly women just couldn’t help voting for Barry Obama because women are just such dumbbunnies, has “a suggestion for cutting short the GOP angst” in the wake of Obama’s reelection: The Republicans should just go ahead and give […]