Today is “National Don’t Send Your Child To School Day,” a brilliant idea from a website that is terrified that the Common Core educational standards will lead to socialism, one-world government, tyranny, “Obama Math” and god knows what else, probably Sharia law too.* Among other worries, some parents fear that since Common Core seeks to […]

You might remember this little biology quiz that made the rounds of the interwebs earlier this year; we used it back in April with a Sundays With The Christianists post on a Christian biology textbook. As we mentioned at the time, the quiz is really real, and it originated from a private Christian school in […]

To the shock and surprise of absolutely nobody, Donald Trump’s “Trump University” has been sued by the New York State attorney general’s office for illegal business practices. The suit seeks $40 million in restitution and accuses Trump and his staff of running an unlicensed educational institution and making false claims about its course offerings. “Trump […]

Those of you Wonketeers who work at or have attended a “poorly performing” public school surely know that one does not have to suffer the consequences of poor performance — consequences that include replacing the principal, laying off teachers, losing tax revenue, or closing the school entirely. No, one does not have to suffer the […]

As we are sure you know, those laboratories of democracy have been very busy lately forcing women to have children against their will. But one Republican state senator from Utah is quite a multi-tasker! Because he has also found time to call for an end to mandatory education, looking to the Victorian era of Dickensian workhouses […]

A former teacher at a Texas charter school is defending against charges that she fondled a seven year old girl by claiming that, as a diehard racist, she does not like touching negroidal persons, and so she couldn’t possibly have done the awful thing she’s accused of doing. As excuses go, it’s no “I forgot,” […]

You may have wondered, as did a caller to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club teevee show yesterday, why God just doesn’t seem to fling miracles at people in U.S. America the way He did in biblical times, or even the way He reputedly does in the Third World today. Robertson explained, with that smile of his […]

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, who splits his time between peddling survival equipment on his blog and stroking what can in no way be interpreted as a giant black phallus, is also a rather notable country lawyer with access to the USA Today. So what did Reynolds choose to publish this week in America’s preferred paper for […]

Oh, sure, we could be outraged and annoyed that any teacher of fourth-graders could be so clueless as to think it would be appropriate to distribute a “Slavery Word Problems Homework” worksheet to their students, because we would like to think that nobody would give nine-year-olds questions like “In a slave ship, there can be […]

To make a point about government efficiency or something, an Idaho state senator has introduced a bill that he has no intention of actually passing. The proposal would require all Idaho high school students to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and pass a test on it in order to graduate. The Spokane Spokesman-Review reports that […]

Pity the poor children of Texas. Not only do they have to live in a state full of Texans, but many of them are at high risk of growing up to be Texans, too. Oh, and on top of that, they are constantly being bombarded by communist propaganda in their Texan-run schools, because apparently only […]

A Tennessee state senator has figured out why children from poor homes aren’t doing well in school — it is because their families’ situation is not quite precarious enough! To motivate the lazy Poors to become better parents, Stacey Campfield (R-HardKnoxville) has introduced a bill that would cut Temporary Assistance to Needy Families benefits by […]

Hey! Want to get scared shitless today? That’s great, because Arizona still exists, and all we have to do is say, “What are they doing?” and boom things instantly get weird and awful. So… what are they doing? Well, there’s a Democrat who’s trying to make it a felony to intentionally give someone an STD, […]

So, back in 2007, the Texas legislature passed a law mandating that all public schools in the state include instruction on “the Hebrew Scriptures” and the New Testament and their impact on literature and history. Don’t worry, supporters of the law said, we aren’t going to be teaching religious doctrine, this law is all about […]

Just in case anyone was worried that American schools were sinking into a morass of Creationism and Stupid (ah, but we repeat ourselves), the bad news is, well, they kind of are. But the good news is that there are some pretty awesome young people who refuse to sit back and let it happen, like […]