The Superintendent and the Director of Athletics and Activities for the Coatesville Area School District in Pennsylvania both “unexpectedly resigned” during the first week of school this year. Turns out that they had been trading racist texts on their school-provided phones for most of the summer. Not the sort of stupid Obama-as-a-witch-doctor kind of thing […]

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is taking a brave stand for cisgender heteronormativity (trigger warning!), and he doesn’t care who knows it. To protest the state’s new law that allows trans students to use the restroom or locker room that they choose, the Republican legislator will be pulling his 13-year-old son out of public school. And […]

Fire up the Debunk-O-Matic 5000 and get ready to start sending your wingnut co-workers to, folks! Fox & Friends and the American Patriarchy Association’s Bryan Fischer are among several conservative outlets pitching a selectively edited video that appears to show Illinois school official Amanda August saying that under the Common Core standards, it won’t […]

It’s back to school time boys and girls and parents who are sick and tired of the boys and girls hanging out at the house eating and sleeping and being bored all day. This means it is of course also time to start worrying about paying for school supplies, back to school clothes, updated immunization […]

Surely you Wonketteers have heard the librul media and members of Congress crowing about the new student loan bill, which is apparently not only a great deal for students but is also significant because it demonstrates that Congress is capable of passing something on a bipartisan basis. Everybody wins: Congress looks good! The new bill […]

Some people in Congress are actually trying to accomplish some good that doesn’t involve spewing filth about fruit-laden drug mules! If you look hard enough, past all the soul-sucking awfulness, there are a few shining moments when Congress steps up to the plate to try to do something good. Fear not — we here at […]

As we are sure you know, those laboratories of democracy have been very busy lately forcing women to have children against their will. But one Republican state senator from Utah is quite a multi-tasker! Because he has also found time to call for an end to mandatory education, looking to the Victorian era of Dickensian workhouses […]

The few times we ever gave former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels much thought, he always seemed like a Scott Walker wannabe who was trying to prove that he too could destroy public employee unions and pass “right to work” and just generally be terrible. The biggest difference between them seemed to be that Scott Walker never lost […]

Remember how last week we all got a little teary-eyed at the courage of Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot in the head last fall by extremists who don’t want Pakistani girls to go to school, and who addressed the United Nations last week and talked about the importance of education, and its power to […]

Life is rough sometimes, what with mancave workplaces and grading badly-written memos and even exploding foamy pig shit sometimes. But then people like Malala Yousafzai come along and make us feel grateful that the worst most of us have to deal with is reading terrible memos in a cube farm full of pig doots. Malala, […]

The Michigan Democratic Party elected Lon Johnson as their new chairman Saturday. But you should know that Michigan Democratic Party chairman Lon Johnson is not the Lon Johnson who, in addition to starring in over 1300 adult films, operates the Lon Johnson School of Acting. They are two different guys. You can tell them apart […]

In the fastest nevermind ever, North Carolina’s new director of NC Pre-K quit the day after she was appointed, just because everybody figured out she hates public education. Whew, that was close! But, yes, North Carolina tried their best to hire an anti-public education lobbyist to head their state’s Pre-K program. How did they find […]

“Hey kids, do you know what asbestos is? No? Great! How about you volunteer for a fun project, helping us clear asbestos without any protective gear ! YAY!” This may or may not be the exact way that teachers and administrators conned 13-year-olds into spending several weekends engaged in a “volunteer” activity to remove asbestos […]

Hello, do you write incoherently and do you have a thinly veiled agenda? Then come on down to the Hill and write an Op-Ed, they apparently have very low standards and anyone is welcome! Like Dale Schlundt, an adjunct professor in Business Administration at at community college in Texas, who has written an incoherent article […]

Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave a speech yesterday outlining his version of what the GOP needs to do differently in order to be less like the GOP. Startlingly, there is a way to make fun of it. His prescription: Education! We need to fix education! Which sounds like a great idea, until you take into […]