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Free kitten with every five mass shootings

America, Massachusetts Would Like To Have A Word With You About Guns.

A gun law that goes beyond cursory background checks? Fascinating! Tell me more!

Trump Reminds Farmers They’re White Like Him. Wonkagenda For Tues., Jan. 9, 2018

Trump lies to farmers (again), the GOP keeps trying to kill Trump-Russia, and 'alt-right' trolls keep getting slapped down. Your morning news brief.

Trump So Happy He Broke The Internet. Wonkagenda For Fri., Dec. 15, 2017

Trump's FCC breaks the Internet, the tax bill starts to stumble, and Nikki Haley tries to start a war with Iran. Your morning news brief.

Former Intelligence Director James Clapper Won’t Stop Worrying And Love The Trump

Should we worry that a fucking idiot with an unstable temper has the nuclear codes? Not if we drink enough.

Harry Reid, Democrats Ask Donald Trump To Deport Steve Bannon Back To 1938

People seem not to like this Steve Bannon. Maybe it's the haircut. Or the fascism.
This is of course ridiculous. Fluttershy wouldn't even make it to the stage.

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

You’ll Need A Cigarette After Watching Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Donald Trump Nad-Stompin’

Seriously, can she be the vice president? Because that would be just great.
We built this!

Koch Brothers: Sorry, 1st Amendment Won’t Let Us Divulge How We’re Buying Climate-Change Deniers

The recent revelation that Wei-Hock Soon, one of the top "respectable" climate change deniers out there, gets most of his funding from the coal and oil industry has led Congressional Democrats to attempt to Follow The Money in the...

Massachusetts Congressional Candidate Carl Sciortino’s Campaign Ad May Increase Diabetes Risk

Carl Sciortino Jr. is this impossibly cute baby candidate in the special election to fill the House seat previously held by Ed Markey, who replaced John Kerry in the Senate. We like this kid, and we'd vote to send...

Nice Time: Liz Warren And Ed Markey Being Total Hippies Again

Oh. My. God. Libruls are TEH WORST! Damn hippies always seeking to create policy that benefits ‘the poors,’ when we all know that John Calvin, Wordy Shipmates, Shining City on a Hill, America, fuck yeah. Who are the heretics...

Old Handsome Joe Biden Controversially Casts Doubt On True Outcome Of 2000 Election

That wacky Joe Biden has said another crazy thing! At a Washington DC fundraiser for Massachusetts Senate candidate Ed Markey on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged former Veep Al Gore, also among the speakers, saying, according to a...

Wonkette Told You About iPhone/AT&T Spying On You, Back In 2007

Here's a crazy thing, as opposed to all the other crazy things: We read those reports about the iPhone tracking your every move and then saving the entire geographic/time details of your daily activities, and we thought Hmm that...

House GOP Ends Climate-Change Committee Because It’s Not Real

Because Republicans won a majority in the House in the 2010 elections, climate change no longer exists. Hooray! Jim Sensenbrenner announced that Republicans will be getting rid of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming when they...

Gettin’ Snarky With Ed Markey, America’s Ice-Chunk Comedian

Wheatgrassachusetts Congressman Ed Markey (no relation to Biz Markie) took to his MarkeyMemo to make a little joke about the big piece of ice that broke off the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland, and what his global warmth-denying frenemies...