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Perhaps you were on the Internet lately while the White House Correspondents Association worked itself into a frenzied moan of TRANZPARENCEEEEEEEEY about the truly important issue of the day: that dastardly Nobumer wouldn’t let them take pictures of his golf round with Tiger Woods. Perhaps this made you as tired as it did us, and […]

Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry has already written the worst article in American history, so why not throw the dumbest question in American history onto his resume as well? THE BACKGROUND: There has been all sorts of Hot Buzz (John McCain has been babbling during one of his Ambien trips) about whether Joe […]

Reporters at today’s White House press conference opened their dialogue with the president on a familiar topic: War: When are we having it, and can we have it now. WAR. Also, why don’t you ever visit Israel you horrible anti-Semite? And what about war? Meanwhile, Fox News’ Ed Henry, who one time wrote the worst […]

The ever-shrinking Washington Post has a little piece of essential journalism about some inane “reporters versus a bunch of slobs” slapfight happening, where else, on Twitter, over a White House photo of President Obama drinking a beer with a young Marine who received the Medal of Honor. Here is your BREAKING NEWS timeline of this tragic […]

Charlie Crist is having a lot of problems lately with this whole idea of “being forced to take positions on issues.” It is hard to do such things when you want to occupy an invisible center of the political spectrum that does not exist when everyone is dissolving into two camps that just throw poop […]

The race for who will rule the captured souls of the White House Correspondents’ Association has begun, and it is almost exactly like regular politics. Ballots aren’t due until July 15, but WHCA reporters are whispering these actual things to each other, at work, right now: “My expectation was that I would be running unopposed” […]

Good morning! Let’s start the day with a look at the ol’ POLITICO top stories e-mail… oh dear sweet jesus god.

OMG how cool are Ed Henry’s parents at CNN! They so signed his permission slip for the NYSE floor field trip, where all the money is! SO JEALOUS. He probably met so many awesome brokers and stuff and got their autographs. OMG HE MET JIM MAGUIRE! Seriously? Seriously? We have his rookie card, BUT ONLY […]

CNN’s beloved Ed Henry shares this picture from today’s White House Press Briefing, where everyone is just watching teevee. Those lazy slugs! It’s a beautiful day outside, and everyone should go play on Sasha and Malia’s swing set. CORRECTION: It’s a beautiful day outside, and everyone should go play Xbox on Sasha and Malia’s swing […]

TELEVISION SHOWS  3:30 pm April 23, 2009

by Jim Newell

TIME TO IGNORE OUR IMPORTANT BANKRUPT NEWSPAPERS AGAIN: Symbolism: “The White House announced that President Obama will hold a primetime news conference at 8:00 pm ET on Wednesday — his 100th day as president.” Boy howdy, Ed Henry’ll have to pull a real firecracker out of his ass to top the last one. [First Read]

It looks like CNN’s Ed Henry — who only eight days ago wrote The Worst Article In American History — is lining up some devastating “audibles” for his next opportunity to troll Barack Obama. “Oklahoma!” — does… DOES THE QUEEN EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS? [Twitter]

Earlier today we mentioned CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry’s performance at the press conference last night, and how he and his fellow busybodies were rapidly spinning and spinning and spinning to make it appear as though he didn’t look like a goober when Obama called him a twat. In the latest effort, Henry has […]