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The Mantrumpian Candidate. Your Wonkagenda, Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trump's dirty money, Evan McMullin's robot problem, and Megyn Kelly's dead-end job! Your morning news brief!
Tell you what

That Eric Trump Boy Just Ain’t All That Bright

Eric Trump seems to think Syrian refugees have something to do with flat wages. Then again, he thinks his dad is a great man.
The REAL numbers are far worse, like when you include retired people and children!

Trump Delegates Can’t Believe How Terrible The Economy Is For Everyone But Them

Republican convention delegates are really disappointed the economy is in such terrible shape, except where they're from, where things are great in spite of Barack Obama, not because of anything he did.
Clean coal

Republicans’ Awesome Plan For The Economy Basically ‘Hillary Emails’ And Coal

Hey, unemployed takers, were you encouraged by the Make America Work Again plan revealed at the Republican National Convention last night? Turns out that all we really need is a pick, shovel and some gumption, and we'll all be...

Lying Liar Carly Fiorina Lied Many Lies At The Debate, And That’s No Lie

That debate Tuesday night sure was somethin'! It was like, you know, Republicans, on a stage, and they were on the Fox Business Network, and there were questions and even commercial breaks with trailers for Michael Bay's Benghazi!!!!111!! film...
Editrix can have Old Handsome Joe Biden, we like Sexy Obama.

How Obama Is Dividing America By Making Things Better: A Wonksplainer

President Obama continues his longstanding tradition of creating jobs to push his partisan agenda of economic recovery, while simultaneously dividing this country by making liars out of Republicans who swear he is ruining America. Candidate Obama promised to bring this country together,...
What, not that Keystone?

President Obama Will Not Be Laying Any Keystone Pipe Today

This post sponsored by a grant from the Patty Dumpling Endowed Chair for blogging about oil spills, pipelines, oil industry shenanigans, and the end of civilization as Republicans know it. Beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly, all...

Look How Obama Ruined The GOP Primaries With All These New Jobs

Well, ferret nuts. Guess the GOP is going to have to figure out another reason to claim President Obama is the worst President Obama who ever presidented like a common Obama. After years of calling Obamacare a "job-killer" and promising that if...
Yeah, but that's just, like, your opinion, man

Saving Planet Would Save Lots Of Money Too, Go Figure!

Looks like the socialist science fiends at Global Warming Hoax Headquarters have decided to fight dirty: Now they're saying that preventing catastrophic climate change would actually cost a lot less money than just letting things go all to hell. That's...
China's amphibious motorcycles and tractors will be 60% cleaner by 2022. Free LSD For artists will continue as is

While We Were Filling Up Our Pickups, China Cut Greenhouse Gas A Whole Bunch

Some cautious good news on climate, maybe! China has reduced its emissions of greenhouse gases by a big whole lot, according to Greenpeace -- about an 8 percent reduction in coal use in the first four months of 2015...
no, I really do not deserve this

Sleazy Lehman Bros. Only Paid $44 Million In Bonuses Last Year, Thanks Obama

Pop quiz: What do you do if you're the last vestige of Lehman Brothers, the banking and investment company whose demise was the biggest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history and now you're in the post-bankruptcy process of slowly unraveling...
That bridge sucked anyway.

If Kansas Jumped Off A Bridge, Would Other States Do It Too? Apparently Yes!

You may be familiar with the state of Kansas, where Governor Sam Brownback and the ruling GOP have conducted what Brownback has called a "great experiment" in conservative economics. They've radically slashed income taxes, especially for top earners, on...

Sad Ted Cruz Wonders Why Obama Hates Poor People So Much

Republicans are On Message, you guys, with their 2016 talking points. They are being very disciplined lately when they say lies with their mouths about the economy, maybe Politics USA is right that the nice people at the secret...
Glad that's all behind us now

Obama Is Bad Commie, Shrinks Deficit Again

Do you remember the Great Deficit Panic of 2011? How Obamacare and The Stimulus and the GM Bailout were going to bankrupt the country? How our children were going to be left roaming the streets, forced to dumpster-dive for...
Jamie Dimon, protector and defender of our financial system

Jamie Dimon Crying Platinum Tears That Banks Have To Pay Money For Breaking Laws

Between 2013 and 2014, JPMorgan Chase, a shadowy banking cabal, paid some $14 billion with a b in legal costs stemming from various criminal enterprises the company willfully engaged in to make money. So of course the bank's CEO,...