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At least he spells good

Trump Might Not Sign Tax Cut Crap-A-Thon This Year Because They Accidentally Fucked It Up MORE

It's really not Democrats' job to protect Republicans from their stupid awful tax bill. Surprise!

Children’s Health Insurance Program Killed For This Year, But This Koch Heir Don’t Care!

You're going to need your pitchforks handy for this one.

Lobbyists Stuffing Tax Bill With Cigs, Popcikles And Those Cakes They Like

Oh, the fuckery runs so deep in this bill.


They may not know what's in their bill, but by God they're going to pass it. Good times to be a tax attorney.

Senate Republicans Can’t Wait To Cut Taxes For The Rich, Kill Your Healthcare, Screw Your Mom

Oh, look, mother, the rich are dancing in the streets. How nice for them!
Don't worry, Macaulay Culkin didn't do anything wrong!

Trump Idiot Knows The Very Rich Are Different From You And Me. They Are LOL MORE HONEST

Rich people are good, poor people are bad, THE END.

Warren Buffett’s Mobile Home Company Just Loves To Be Racist To Everyone

Given his great track record of donating to Democrats and pointing out that the tax code is impossibly fucked, we liberal types generally dig Warren Buffett. He's like a reasonably cool, skull-crushingly rich great-uncle. We like to think he'd...

Sit Back And Relax With Some Soothing Elizabeth Warren Getting MAD About A Thing

Has it been that kind of day for you? US TOO! So let us take a breather from all the ewwwwwww gross Duggary, what we have been telling you all about, YOU'RE WELCOME, and soothe our weary souls with...

Kansas GOP Spends Four Days Failing Extra Hard, Takes Well-Earned Four Day Weekend

As the people of Kansas head into the long weekend, they should take a moment to give thanks that their elected representatives are so dedicated to serving their needs. The state's fiscal year is winding down and legislators are...
But watch out for the gout

Is It Time For Class War? (Hint: Yes)

Still on the fence about whether it's time for all-out up-against-the-wall eat-the-rich class war revolution? No you're not: In 2014, Wall Street's bonus pool was roughly double the combined earnings of all Americans working full-time jobs at minimum wage. The average...
Meth is a helluva drug

Florida Supreme Court To Consider Whether Buttsechs Is Sex: Your (Sexy!) Florida Roundup

Greetings, Wonketeers, from the Sunshine State, where it’s presently 70 degrees and there’s nary a cloud in the sky — enjoy your digging out, New England — which almost makes up for us being America’s Yellow Skittle. Almost. Let’s Talk...
But why would they work if they can't buy that second Maybach for weekends?

Democrats Trying To Tax Wall Street, Sounding Suspiciously Like Actual Democrats

Looks like it's time for another of those post-election reinvention crazes that political parties are so big on. A bunch of top Democrats, perhaps noticing the rave reviews that Elizabeth Warren has been getting from The Base -- that's why...

Bernie Sanders Has 12-Point Plan To Save America By Eating The Rich

Bernie Sanders, our favorite socialist senator and only socialist senator but still our favorite anyway, has a terrific new economic plan to save America, and it's so crazy it just might work! Except, of course, that it will never...

Teevee Douche Delighted That 85 People Have Wealth Equal To Half Of Humanity, Who Now Have Something To Aim For

You know, maybe we've been thinking about this income inequality thing the wrong way. Maybe, we should consider the wisdom of the happy capitalism lover who left a dozen deleted comments the other day, and we should see that...