Sarah Palin has won victory in her epic war against a random college student who guessed her high school was “Wasilla” and thus gained access to her Yahoo! e-mail. Sure, this really had no effect on the 2008 campaign except to confirm this woman used a Yahoo! account, either sinisterly or stupidly, to conduct state […]

Sarah Palin is now using her vast political knowledge and expertise as one of America’s greatest leaders to help brutally prosecute a dumb college student who figured out her incredibly easy e-mail password hint two years ago and uploaded a few screen shots to some web forum leading to a day or two of pranks […]

Our favorite-ever letter-writer “Bob” is back, with an email once again expressing his displeasure with our “paper.” But maybe he is confused? Or maybe he just HATES OUR NATION. As we’ve seen with these shocking new surveys of Republican Opinion, “patriotism” these days just means “I hate America so much I want to secede to […]

What is it with the conservative cruises! Weekly Standard Cruise, National Review Cruise, “Newsmax.com” Cruise. Oh, right, they do conservative candidate scouting on these trips! That’s how Bill Kristol met Sarah Palin, on his Cruise to the frozen Alaska. But this one… this one’s just the toe-fucker Dick Morris and whatever person he pays to […]

We have EMAIL PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that Rep. Jim McDermott’s executive assistant/office manager/scheduler/pet dragon Elizabeth “Liz” Becton, the Meanest Lady in DC, was not simply having a “bad day” when she went nuts on someone, over e-mail, who mistakenly saluted her as “Liz.” Below are two more of Liz Becton’s run-ins with e-mail, in which she […]

The FBI and Secret Service have launched a Special Investigation into the important matter of some “hacker” breaking into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! e-mail and taking a few benign screen shots. Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly et al. have been lambasting our friends at Gawker for posting the screen shots; O’Reilly even said that Gawker owner Nick […]

PSYCHO  1:22 pm August 13, 2008

John Kerry Plans Genocide?

by Jim Newell

Oh look, it’s past one o’clock on any day, which means John Kerry has just e-mailed all of Washington his 64th press release of the early afternoon. And what is it about? Murder. MURRRRRDER.

FUNNY PICTURES  2:15 pm April 25, 2008

E-mail From John Kerry

by Ken Layne

IRAQ  12:37 pm October 12, 2007

Wait, People Are Quoting Petraeus Now?

by Ken Layne

WONKETTE  6:15 pm March 27, 2007

We Get E-Mail!

by Ken Layne