dungeons & dragons

Hey, so what’s the deal with right-wingers, huh? They’re always going on about how sacred PRIVATE PROPERTY is, how it’s all IMMORAL for anyone to benefit from SOMEBODY ELSE’S “hard work,” am I right? And then you hear about something like THIS genius who goes and RIPS OFF an image from a VIDEO GAME so […]

Gordon Liddy Youth member James O’Keefe, also an enormous nerd, will probably be denied his constitutional right to play Dungeons & Dragons in prison! Your move, ACLU. [Matt Yglesias] Here is your chance to defend Erick Erickson from terrible name-calling (“Coulteresque”) and racist slurs (“tribe”). [RedState] Barack Obama has a chin, just like Mussolini! REVELATORY. […]

Michael Goldfarb is starting a war, on the Internet! Do you know who Michael Goldfarb is? He’s this cocksucker who recently took a leave of absence from Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, where he was online editor, in order to serve on the McCain communications team. He writes a blog on JohnMcCain.com called the McCain Report. […]