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Let’s Close Out This Crazy Day With A Simple Story Of An Ex-Congressman’s 23 Felony Convictions

Who would ever have guessed that a rightwing clown would also be grifty as hell?
john duncan and duncan hunter

Grifty Congressman Named ‘Duncan’ Isn’t Even Duncan Hunter This Time!

What's the deal with guys named Duncan and graft, huh?

On A Scale Of One To Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Wonkagenda For Wed., March 28, 2018

Robert Mueller wants to keep his snitches in jail, Sarah Huckabee Sanders poots some lies about the census, and Sacramento is going to see some UNREST. Your morning news brief.

Nancy Pelosi Backwards And In Heels. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb 8, 2018

Nancy Pelosi kicks all sorts of ass (in heels), Congress tries to avert another shutdown, and San Diego Rep. Duncan Hunter is in BIG TROUBLE MISTER, for which he's blaming his wife. Your morning news brief.

Duncan Hunter Brings His Kids To Work For Stealing From Your Campaign Day

Is Duncan Hunter a grifty douchebro? Or is he a terrible parent? YES, YES HE IS.

Montana Sheriff To Ragemonster Republican Thug Greg Gianforte: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What's a little aggravated assault between friends?

Freedom Caucus Cockblocks TrumpCare! Wonkagenda For Fri., March 24, 2016

Trump throws his abundance of weight at the House, Rick Perry hates gay diversity, the Senate wants to help you find hot, sexy singles on the Internet. Your morning news brief!

House Republicans Will Never Stop Taking Down Cop Painting That Hurts Their Feelings

Grab your Culture Guns, folks. We've got a war over a painting going on in Congress.

Grifty Rep. Duncan Hunter Having John Ashcroft Boob-Draping Moment

Say, you know WHO ELSE tore down 'degenerate art?'
Before the Delta Force, there was the Gam Squad

Ladies Officially Allowed To Die In Combat For America Now, Huzzah!

Congratulations, women of America! You now have the right to be cannon fodder serve your country in combat roles in whatever terrific new war President Trump or Clinton thinks is necessary to protect America's vital national interests! Secretary of...
This animation annoys us: aren't the two choo-choos on the left crashing into each other?

Morning Maddow: So Many GOP Lies, So Much Rachel Debunking

Rachel Maddow brought us a double helping of Debunktion Junction Wednesday night, because there was just too much misinformation out there for a single segment. First off, she looked at that outrageous ad that congressmoron Kevin Cramer filmed in...
Grab a rifle and stand a post!

Arkansas Blubbering With Fear Over Mexican ISIS Cartels, But In Very Manly Way

  Angry beanpole Tom Cotton, the first-term GOP congressman from Arkansas who is trying to take Mark Pryor’s Senate seat away, has decided to follow the lead of other Republicans and reduce voters into quivering puddles of terror over Islamic...

Stupidest Man On Internet Astonished That Muslims In Gitmo Allowed Food And Religion

Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the internet, just wants to let his readers know how pampered the prisoners at Guantanamo are. In a story headlined "Gitmo to Celebrate Holy Ramadan with Feast and Muslim Prayer," Hoft lays out...