Mush-mouthed Scientologist and forgotten Fox News anchor lady Greta Van Susteren is a petulant child who battles her own viewers on her parody blog, “Gretawire.” A viewer named Brian wrote in and said, “You have a mind like a seive [sic]. Your brain is empty.” Is there anyone who would argue with that kind of […]

Not to be prejudiced or anything, but a short tour around the Internets pretty easily proves that conservatives don’t “get” satire or parody. Why? The answer probably has something to do with “belief in simple absolutes” and “sex shame” and “childhood brain damage,” and research from 30 years ago showed dogmatic people tend to be […]

All the libtards who watched Paul Krugman go cross-eyed with frustration on This Week yesterday as he tried to explain very simple economic terms and concepts to Sam Donaldson and Carly Fiorina may get a kick out of his column this morning. Clearly Paul just wandered off the set and in a fit of squirmy, […]

DUMMIES  3:47 pm June 11, 2008

by Ken Layne

THEY GOT WHAT NOW? Here’s a four-page Atlantic article about how the Web has ruined the brains of book readers and writers and now we can only deal with single-sentence blog posts. [You Won't Ever Make It Past The First Page]

NEWSPAPERS  1:08 pm October 3, 2007

by Ken Layne

GEORGE W. BUSH  1:10 pm September 21, 2007

by Ken Layne

GEORGE W. BUSH  2:59 pm August 27, 2007

America Remembers Alberto

by Ken Layne