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Raise your hand if you have ever been to Taco Bell at 2 a.m., drunk. All of you, just like we thought. It’s kind of required if you read our mommy/warblog. Now raise your hand if you have ever been arrested at a Taco Bell. Oh, just you South Florida GOP state Representative Dane Eagle, […]

Drudge Sirens Panic Where’s the birth sertifikate INNPEACH!!! It appears that B. Hussein Obama, the alleged “President of the United States,” lied through his teeth in 2011 when someone other than Barack Obama said that Barack Obama had never met his Kenyan uncle. Confused? Well then, become enlightened, via the Boston Globe: President Obama acknowledged […]

There is so much insane information about Herman Cain floating around right now that we do not even know where to start! Herman Cain is pro-drunk driving, Herman Cain is just a Satanic lab experiment developed by the Koch brothers… oh fine, let’s go with the most ludicrously bloodthirsty quote, the one about Herman Cain’s […]

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com The entire illegal Kenyan Obama family is just running around the U.S. drunk as sailors, or maybe Somali pirates, because they are African. The rest of us might be willing to sit back and watch this Once Great Nation collapse because of it, but not Iowa-Approved Grim Reaper Steve […]

Who says the GOP guys’ team gets to have all the DUI arrest fun these days? That is sexist of them. It’s not like Republican women aren’t also “pro-family values” sometimes, too! See, here we go: Amber Hahn is was a Wisconsin county GOP chair who went on Fox News not long ago to pose […]

Hey, Ohio! From now on it seems, odds are pretty good that the maniac driving like a sloshed fool down the state highway is one of your elected representatives. And don’t ask him why he isn’t wearing a shirt. He’s not wearing a shirt because he’s sweaty, obviously there is a heat wave everyone, which […]

Republican “moral math” alert! Ohio state representative Robert Mecklenborg was arrested for driving around drunk on an Indiana state highway, which is sort of an “anti-life” thing to do, you might say. But just a few days ago, he also voted for the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, one of those fake “pro-life” thingies that Republicans love. Do they […]

(To be fair, everyone in the Montana legislature is wearing a stupid tie. But c’mon, look at that thing.) Drunk driving is a way of life in Montana, and bars can only survive if they get their patrons drunk enough to go out and kill people? Yeah, sounds about right. [Youtube]

Remember when all the Kennedys were handsome and noble and square of jaw? They still have the jaw thing but everything else about them is crappy and disappointing. Join us as we walk through the Rogue’s Gallery of Remaining Kennedys and reflect on the Death of Camelot, etc.

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