drug war

What was it that that turned the tide for 40-year-old former El Paso councilman Beto O’Rourke, a guero dude in a supermajority Latino Texas district, in his quest to unseat eight-term incumbent and totally cool drug warrior Congressman Silvestre Reyes? Was it the Drug War? Probably. Was it also almost $200 large for TV ads […]

California Senator and world’s greatest Democrat Dianne Feinstein has done some creative thinking on the scourge that is Drugs, and she has some terrific ideas that are fresh and new and “outside-the-box” and other fresh and new ways of saying “outside the box”! What is her first great idea? Moar Drug War please! We must […]

Do you want “lasting happiness”? It is available to everyone! There are two doorways to this “measurable personality change” that stays with people pretty much forever. The first is arduous and requires a good deal of natural empathy and the slow, patient development of the human quality of “openness.” The second is through the harmless […]

America’s potheads are (ironically?) the only citizens motivated enough to go to the White House’s gimmicky, half-assed new “We the People” petitions website and type up their solemn demands for the President to let the harmless weed-lovers live in peace instead of in filthy state prisons, which enough other potheads and paultards then signed to […]

Hey, did you hear that Ron Paul — lifelong libertarian and opponent of the Drug War — has sponsored some federal legislation to end the marijuana prohibition? To CNN’s challenged cable-news hosts, this is shocking news, that a lifelong opponent of the Drug War would still be just like that. Here’s what the guest host […]

To the delight of microwaveable snack industry executives nationwide, sex god Ron Paul and other sex god Barney Frank are introducing the nation’s first “HOW ABOUT WE FINALLY LEGALIZE THE MARY-JUANA” bill, which, eh, probably has no chance, but maybe now America can Have a Conversation about the “drug war,” which is not actually a […]

“Drug czar” Gil Kerlikowske is the saddest man in America. First he can’t wage a write-in campaign for U.S. Senate in Alaska because his name is even more difficult to spell than that of Lisa Murkowski. And now, on his watch, we’re legalizing Mary Jane! Poor guy has apparently been driven off the wagon. The […]

Wake up, West Coast dope hippies! If voters approve California’s Proposition 19, everything will be ruined for Mexico’s farmers, soldiers, and cops! Thus speaks Don Pito Calderone, the top narco-capo of the República de México who moonlights as a Napoleonic president. Here’s the shocking headline from the Guadalajara daily Informador: “Calderon: Problems for Mexico if […]

After three grim minutes of bullet-riddled bodies hanging beneath bridges and other common scenes from Mexico’s drug war, something truly terrible occurs in this video report: Beer-guzzling backwards-cap-wearing U.S. college kids tumble out of a tour bus in a town square and drunkenly proclaim their love for the Mexican Drug War. But these aren’t normal […]

Everything is going hunky-dory down here, South of the Border, as we stock up on ISLAMO-TEQUILA for the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s “independence” from foreign rule. But Hillary Clinton is bored being Secretary of State when every PUMA knows SHE SHOULD BE PRESIDENT! And while Obama is stuck in midterm madness, Clinton noticed there’s a […]

Famous liberal Barney Frank has aligned with famous Internet character Ron Paul and three other congresspeople to make the Marijuana legal, finally, in America! The bill is called the “Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults,” which sounds very responsible, and would make it federally legal to possess up […]