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Fox News And GOP Jackholes Have New Conspiracy, And It Is That Barack Obama Was President


Oprah’s Speech Was Amazing, Now Shut Your Fucking Mouth

Hey, let's argue about whether Oprah should run for president! Why? LITERALLY NO FUCKING REASON.

Is This Barack Obama’s Giant Boner? Sure, Why Not

Oh, so you wouldn't mind seeing Obama's ding-dong but Trump's would gross you out? DOUBLE STANDARD! But we get it.

Thanks A Lot, Gays, For LITERALLY Sodomizing Florida With Hurricanes

There goes God, punishing gays with natural disasters again.

OMG DRUDGE SIREN Is The DNC Replacing Hillary Clinton? F*ck It Maybe Why Not

Somebody should come up with a thing called Cokie's Law. Oh wait, they already did!

Obama Not Wearing Wedding Ring In Laos, Probably For Gay Muslim Reasons (Again)

Typical Islamofascist gaywad.

Donald Trump’s New Daddy Turned Dead Breitbart Into Most Delightful, Bigoted Sh*thole On Internet

A deep, wonky dive into how hard Breitbart and Stephen Bannon suck.

DRUDGE SIREN AND FAINTING COUCH: Some Mexican Kids Said Some Cuss Words

DRUDGE SIRENS AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SAY "WHOA!" Matt Drudge found some kids cussing: Sounds like front page news aggregator website material! And if we go to the video, we do find children of the Hispanic...

DRUDGE SIRENS! Beyoncé Murdering White America For The CIA!

We knew Beyoncé was a multi-tasker but OMG. What you didn't know? Matt Drudge can tell she is an "urban terrorist": That dumbass closet case also tweeted out some scary pics of Bey: Once Alex Jones saw this, he did runny sharts in his...

Matt Drudge Gives Male Roommate Traditional Heterosexual Gift Of Real Estate

DRUDGE SIRENS AND DISCO BALLS AND CHER SINGING "DO YOU BELIEEEEEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE?!" There is a News Item in the News, about Matt Drudge, racist copy/paster for the Drudge Report, who says he is a heterosexual, which...

Finally, People Make Fun Of Hillary’s Looks For A Change!

At last! Instead of attacking Hillary Clinton for substantive issues, like how she has murdered every single one of her enemies except Mike Huckabee, some shallow attacks, for the first time ever, on her hair. It all started when Matt...

Government Shutdown Saga, Part Eleventy-Flurve

Whoever said that manufacturing was dead was clearly not in the “Congressional crisis” industry. You may have thought that supply was low, or that demand was waning, but Congress is back yet again to manufacture another crisis and shove...

Cee Lo Invite To Obama Fundraiser Proves Obama Hates Women, Gays, Decency

We hope you have been saving up your outrage, dear readers, because hoh boy: Barack Obama has invited singer Cee Lo Green to perform at a fundraiser in Atlanta! But what's the issue? It can't be that Matt Drudge...

So Matt Drudge Is Just Going To Go With This—That Cool?

Oh everyone look at Matt Drudge's new failing meme: Obama, he's so skinny right?, because of the exercise and the oversized t-shirts he likes to wear while exercising. Wrong. He is definitely chain smoking and throwing up all the...

Mysterious Joker Poster Explained For You

Finally, we have an Arts Writer to tell us what that weird "SOCIALISMS & BARACK OBAMA AS HEATH LEDGER'S JOKER" poster means. We would summarize, but the article is nearly 1,000 words long! Read it and find out! Or...

CNN Stands By Lou Goebbels, 150%

High-frequency trading? Goldman Sachs? Ball's in your court, Taibbi. "You Want Context? Drudge Will Give You Context." And brain herpes! Joe Biden is such a golly liberal fascist, according to liberal fascist experts. The best part of RedState's furry...