Whoever said that manufacturing was dead was clearly not in the “Congressional crisis” industry. You may have thought that supply was low, or that demand was waning, but Congress is back yet again to manufacture another crisis and shove it down your throat, whether you want it or not. What are we collectively gagging on […]

We hope you have been saving up your outrage, dear readers, because hoh boy: Barack Obama has invited singer Cee Lo Green to perform at a fundraiser in Atlanta! But what’s the issue? It can’t be that Matt Drudge is upset about the swears, about Cee Lo Green having a hit song titled, “Fuck You,” […]

Oh everyone look at Matt Drudge’s new failing meme: Obama, he’s so skinny right?, because of the exercise and the oversized t-shirts he likes to wear while exercising. Wrong. He is definitely chain smoking and throwing up all the low-calorie food he isn’t eating, and definitely not simply working out, as he is pictured doing […]

Finally, we have an Arts Writer to tell us what that weird “SOCIALISMS & BARACK OBAMA AS HEATH LEDGER’S JOKER” poster means. We would summarize, but the article is nearly 1,000 words long! Read it and find out! Or click the clicky to find out what two of your editors thought of the poster in […]

High-frequency trading? Goldman Sachs? Ball’s in your court, Taibbi. [Matt Yglesias] “You Want Context? Drudge Will Give You Context.” And brain herpes! [Weekly Standard] Joe Biden is such a golly liberal fascist, according to liberal fascist experts. [USA Today] The best part of RedState’s furry convention was when Liz Cheney gave everyone an enormous boner […]

Obama ‘N Friends have themselves a fleet of hybrid Fords. Even David Plouffe, the greatest threat facing American inboxes, gets something called a Fusion Hybrid. [AMERICAblog] In exchange for paying off Mark Penn’s formidable annual adult website membership dues, Hillary Clinton will allow you to rent any of the following: Bill Clinton, Paul Begala, James […]

The New Republic‘s Gabriel Sherman has a lovely new story out about the dystopian hell chamber that is the Politico newsroom. The snarling, leprous leadership of Jim VandeHei and John Harris (a.k.a. “VandeHarris,” or simply, “AnusHair”) greets its intrepid blog reporters each morning at 5:30 a.m. with a hot shower of molten lava, followed by […]

Ha ha, remember after the 2004 elections people emailed each other maps showing the sane parts of America getting absorbed into Canada and the rest turning into a squalid nation of Cheetos-addicted wingnuts called Jesusland? A Russian “expert” has now reached a similar conclusion about America — that we are doomed to decline and a […]

A local liberal media elitist on the HillaryClinton.com mailing list send us this curious message. Hillary’s official email says “Hussein Obama” is a “muslim,” oh noes! Breitbart.tv is the conservative news portal beloved by Matt Drudge and other Hillary Clinton supporters. The Clinton people say they “don’t know what’s going on” but are aware that […]

DISINFORMATION  11:37 am September 29, 2008

by Ken Layne

‘OH DON’T WORRY OBAMA WILL WIN IN LANDSLIDE’ Here is the new way McCain will win: Plant a bunch of “Obama will easily win landslide election” stories in the Telegraph and then on Drudge, and then the libtards will relax and get high again and forget to vote. [Telegraph]

WHO HAS MONEY NOWADAYS ANYWAY?  5:26 pm September 4, 2008

by Jim Newell

BUT IT’S SEXIST MONEY: “Obama scores $8 million since Palin’s speech from over 130,000 donors – on pace to hit $10 million by the time John McCain hits stage, campaign says.” [Drudge Report]

July 17, 2008 — remember it, because it’s the day Barack Obama lost the second black presidency of the United States. Two breaking articles about Obama’s shamefully rigorous workout regime are getting the full Drudge treatment, and folks, this stuff is far more damaging than “Whitey” ever would have been. Here’s the skinny: yesterday, Hopey […]


by Jim Newell


HILLARY CLINTON  1:47 pm May 7, 2008

by Jim Newell