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Trump Makes VA Great Again With ‘Girther’ Doc. Wonkagenda For Thurs., March 29, 2018

Trump's doctor to lead the VA, Laura Ingraham is being a stupid mean girl on Twitter, and more about DJTJ and his dick. Your morning news brief.

Trump Bigger Than Jesus! Wonkagenda For Fri., Dec. 1, 2017

GOP money fuckery, Trump lights a tree, and Walmart apologizes for trying to kill journalists. Your morning news brief.

Trump Calls Terrorists ‘Losers,’ Saves World. Wonkagenda For Fri., Sept. 15, 2017

A terror attack in London, racial tensions boiling in St. Louis, and Facebook sells ads for Nazis. Your morning news brief.
The one on the left looks awful familiar for some reason

Oh Hey Rand Paul Is Still Running For A Thing. Remember Him? Your Senate Sunday!

Kentucky may be having one historic Senate election, but nobody's paying much attention. Let's fix that!

Barack Obama Pretty Sure Dumb Ol’ Sarah Palin To Blame For Rise Of Donald Trump

Barry Bamz Obama did a very good interview with New York Magazine. Click here for the CliffsNotes version!
See? Running scared, all right.

Hillary Clinton Definitely Going To Email Jail This Time For Sure

Better call the House Select Committee on Benghazi back into session, because with just days to go before the Iowa caucuses, there's finally some huge shocking news about Hillary Clinton and all the Top Secret emails on her private...
Death From Above is Magic

Ben Carson Has Cool Idea For Bombing Mexicans With Drones

Ben Carson may not know anything about actual policy or facts or boring details like how the Supreme Court works, but he's a real quick study when it comes to finding stuff that will excite rightwing supporters. And if...
Dream on

Lindsey Graham Running For President, Will Kill You For Your Thoughts If Elected

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the southern gentleman from South Carolina, has been threatening for months to run for president, promising to be an excellent president for rich white men everywhere and to "literally use the military" to force Congress to...
The corn is as high as a Predator's contrail

Oklahoma Runs Out of Varmints and People to Shoot, Turns to Flying Robots

The good congresscritters of Oklahoma are up to some legislatin', folks. A bill has advanced to their senate floor that will make it legal to shoot drones out of the sky. That SPROING you heard is the sound of...

Introducing The Weekend Stock Photo Report, A Video Thing From Yr Beloved Wonkette

Here at yr Wonkette, we're always brainstorming new ways to amuse and confound you. In that spirit, we are proud to offer this thing! It is called The Weekend Stock Photo Report With Weekend S. Photo! It is kind...
you just keep your drones offa my lawn!

Rand Paul Has A Shotgun For Your Drone, Buddy

Rand Paul has some important thoughts about privately owned drones: He will blow them away with the Constitution and a shotgun. CNN did something they called a "Historic Snapchat Interview" with Rand Paul, using a popular phone app, which...

Friendly Flying Death Robots And Mystery Bird-Killing Gunk: Your Life-Sucking Environment Roundup!

This week in environment news, California officials are baffled by some mysterious black gunk that kills waterfowl, while techbros in North Carolina and Mexico try to make sure that Skynet happens before we destroy the entire planet. For the last week, ducks in...

Israel Defense Forces Wishes You A Happy Hanukkah, With Drones!

The Israel Defense Forces' official Twitter account brings us this festive holiday image to celebrate the miracle of a Skylark hand-launched surveillance drone staying aloft for eight hours, when it only had enough battery charge for an hour: IDF sources...
Oh the hilarity!

John Oliver: America Loves Cheap And Deadly Drones Because Cheap And Deadly (Video)

Now that he's done in-depth comedy reports on nuclear weapons and student debt, we're no longer surprised when John Oliver uses deadly serious subject matter. It can only be a matter of time before he gets to Ebola at...

Hundreds of Patriots, Cleverly Disguised As Tourists, Rally For Impeachment At White House

At noon on Saturday, the Real Americans of the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area were set to celebrate National Impeach Obama Week by meeting at the White House to call for the immediate impeachment of Kenyan Usurper President Barry Soetoro. The Wonket Washington Bureau readied...