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Whom Are We Deporting Today?

The World Is Terrible!!! Let us distract you from this Deportationpalooza with Cat Porn!

Mitch McConnell Is Ready For ‘Us’ To Get Along And Stop Acting Like A Bunch Of Mitch McConnells

Over the last eight years, our country has experienced a legislative hissy-fit like no other. Government shutdowns, solemn vows to make sure President Obama can't get anything done, no matter what it is, refusals to give hearings to Supreme...
Winner: Best Deer in Headlights Look since Dan Quayle

Jeff Sessions’s Greatest Hits! (Against Voting Rights, Women, Immigrants, Black People…)

Jeff Sessions: Much more than just a face that belongs on Elmer Fudd

Who Should Be In America, This Badass Young #DREAMer Immigrant Woman, Or Rick Santorum?

IDEA: How about we #DeportRickSantorum?

Trump Transition Team Talking Muslim Registry, Probably Just Kidding Around

This will NEVER be the new normal.
The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

Donald Trump’s Big Immigration Speech Probably Sounded A Lot Better In The Original German

Donald Trump's immigration speech in Phoenix definitely attracted people who already planned to vote for Donald Trump.

DRUDGE SIREN AND FAINTING COUCH: Some Mexican Kids Said Some Cuss Words

DRUDGE SIRENS AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SAY "WHOA!" Matt Drudge found some kids cussing: Sounds like front page news aggregator website material! And if we go to the video, we do find children of the Hispanic...
It's so rare to see someone who cares about the Flag

SCOTUS Smacks Down Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Fever Dreams Of Deporting President Obama

Bad news for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the scourge of humanity and also Arizona. While the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear United States v. Texas, a case about President Obama's executive order to hit the pause button on deporting 4...
Party on

Jeb Bush Asks Media For Help Slurring Brown Babies

Jeb! Bush continued a family tradition this week: say something stupid, then say something even MORE stupid in an attempt to explain the first stupid thing. You see, John-Elias-Bush Bush is having a lot of trouble figuring out what to...
Bachmann kept trying to get the Riddler into Conversion Therapy

Iowa Freedom Summit To Gather Most Of America’s Rightwing Idiots In One Place

Oh, dear lord, Iowa is going to be like a superdense mass of Dumb this weekend, as Rep. Steve King and Citizens United host the "Iowa Freedom Summit" -- kind of a Moronic Convergence of rightwing political hacks all...
He IS Justice!

America’s Toughest Sheriff And Dumbest Lawyer Team Up To Sue Obama

In what promises to be a Very Important Legal Challenge to an out of control dictator, serial publicity whore Joe Arpaio, who'd rather play Border Patrol than enforce boring laws about robbery and sexual assault and stuff, has teamed...
We just love the woman leaning forward in disbelief

Morning Maddow: Remember When That ‘Reporter’ Yelled At Obama About Immigration? (Video)

To kick off her recap of how Barack Obama shredded the Constitution for the 165th time, Rachel Maddow reminds us of that exciting moment in 2012 when Barry was announcing his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order,...

Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley Reduced To Begging On The Streets For Dimes

Holy crap, 2016 fundraising is rough, especially if you are a Democrat not named Hillary Clinton. How rough? Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley spent the weekend engaging in his most aggressive push for campaign cash yet, and his office refuses...

Louie Gohmert: Why Won’t Obama Stop Sex-Trafficking The Mexican Children?

President Obama can’t do anything right, especially when it comes to kids. For some reason, he will not personally fly to Nigeria to rescue kidnapped schoolgirls, probably because he is lazy. Or maybe it’s because he is pro-child sex...

Derp Roundup: Your Weekly Scrapbook Of Scum And Villainy

Happy weekend, wonktastic ones! You know how it works: Every weekend we see what horrible crud is stuck in our open browser tabs, bring you the stories that are too stoopid to ignore, but not quite worth a...

Obama Appeases Heckler As If Heckler Were Iranian Mullah Or Something

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at livestream.com See that video, up there yonder? That is Prezzy B. Barry Bamz talking about immigration reform or something, who even knows, everyone hates him so much now because of "second term I...