You do not meddle with the primal forces of nature — or punk the Bureau of Land Management! (Same thing.) Tim DeChristopher, an environmental activist currently serving a two-year sentence in California’s Herlong Federal Correction Facility for winning an auction on a gas and drilling auction on public land and then was all “HAHA KIDDING! […]

Searching for the final nail in the coffin of Rick Santorum’s political career, there appears to be a solid contender in a CNN interview Piers Morgan conducted with the Republican candidate ahead of the South Carolina primary. The liberal network OBVS wanted to get at Santorum’s extremely conservative views, but the response Santorum gave on […]

He’s not gone yet, but Rick Santorum will arguably be carried out of this campaign kicking and screaming by Mitt Romney, the tyrannical stepfather of the 2012 race, who’s just launched robocalls to South Carolina voters that feature audio of Santorum’s 2008 endorsement of Romney as the Republican candidate. On a scale of one to […]