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Nice Time! Houston Public Schools Declare, ‘Give EVERYBODY Eat!’

Houston families with kids in school now have one less thing to worry about.

Here Is Where To Throw All Your Cash Money For #GivingTuesday (OW! OW! STOP IT! DON’T STOP!)


Donald Trump’s Fake Charity Very Generous To Phony ‘Art Museum,’ Stiffed Kids With AIDS. Just Imagine.

We're starting to think this Trump guy is some kind of schmuck.
The eyes seem to follow your wallet around the room

How Can Hillary Clinton Defend Her Foundation When It Hasn’t Bought Any Snazzy Art?

You want to compare foundations, Donald? Let's compare foundations.

Trump Foundation Funds Helped Trump Win Political Support, Kneepad Receipts Still Not Found

More hinky 'charitable' donations from the Trump Foundation? We are almost out of feathers with which to be knocked over.
Look at 'em schemin'!

Hillary Clinton Attended Birthday Party Of Clinton Foundation Official Bill Clinton! GO TO JAIL!

OMG, you guys, the noose is definitely tightening around the many foul crimes Hillary Clinton committed while Secretary of State, when she did all kinds of rotten stuff that would simply shock you, and which any ordinary American would...
No, really, somebody walk me through killing this fucking account...

Want To Unsubscribe From Automated Donations To Trump Campaign? Too Freakin’ Bad!

Donald Trump's campaign website makes cancelling a recurring subscription about as hard as getting a refund for Trump University classes. That's OK, though, since you want to give your money to Wonkette, right?

Turns Out Donald Trump’s Idea Of Charity Involves A Lot Of Golf

There has never really been any doubt that Donald Trump is the king of hyperbole. Telling everyone he is the very best at business is his actual #brand, even though his corporate empire has had to avail itself of the...
Feed the baby the soups!

Ruby Tuesday SO Hot Right Now, Apparently! Your Weekly Top Ten

<a href="http://wonkette.com/599553/worlds-sexiest-north-american-leaders-break-entire-internet-with-sexiness"></a>Oh look, it is an old picture of Wonkette Baby Donna Rose eating soup, like a lady! Why are we showing you this old picture? Because it's cute, OBVIOUSLY, and also Wonkette WENT VIRAL AGAIN, just like we...

Ted Cruz’s Allegedly Excellent Penis Adventures, Ew Gross. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Oh hey, WANKERS. It's time for your Saturday morning cocktail hour top ten list! And ugh, yeah, we sure did learn way more about what Ted Cruz's penis may or may not have done this week, and those stories...

You Want More Justin Trudeau Hotness? Fine. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Y'ALL. It's Saturday! You're probably like "Gah Evan, why do we have to look upon the hotness of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again THIS SUCKS." That's because you're bad at life. But we can explain. First of all,...

Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump: Your Weekly Top Ten. (Donald Trump!)

Whoa hey, what's shakin' my Wonkerinos? Yes, it is I, who is called "Evan," and I am here with your Weekly Top Ten reading list. Was your top ten so lonelypants while I was on vacation? You betcha. I'd...

Hillary Clinton And Ted Cruz Go To The Olive Garden With Satan. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Guten Morgen, Wonkers, WTF does that headline even mean? Did Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz actually have a caucus with Satan at the Olive Garden and that's how she winned all those coin flips in the Iowa caucuses? Ted...
Oh look, Wonkette Baby is watching her first playoff game!

Sarah Palin Had A Crappy Week, Dontcha Know? Your Weekly Top Ten.

Good morning, Wonke-RINOS. Haha just kidding, you are not RINOs, you are not even Republicans, pfffffft. (Unless you are, in which case have we met?) Anyway, it is time for us to put liquor in our Saturday morning coffee...

Ted Cruz’s Illegal Poutine Farts And Mike Huckabee’s Duggar Tantrums: Your Weekly Top Ten

Oh hey Wonkers, what's up? Are you having a nice January Saturday morning, lounging in your sex onesies? Good! Are you ready to read your weekend top ten list? Oh good, we are glad for that too! Put on...