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He says he believes in equal rights for all, but wants to take a stand for 'European Americans.'

How could Ted Cruz fail to endorse Donald Trump? That is what Peggy Noonan would like to know.

If the mental gymnastics executed at last night's Republican convention finale taught us anything at all about the kind of people who support Donald...

Cheer up! America is in far better shape that Donald Trump wants to frighten us into thinking.

With bonus Tweets from Bernie Sanders and greatest congressional Tweeterer ever, John Dingell!

Reading Donald Trump's Wednesday interview with the New York Times, we were struck by the thought that he actually hates America. Holds it in contempt,...

No for real that happened, CLICK TO LEARN THE STORY.

Let's all watch the final night of terror at the Republican National Convention. Hope you bought booze!

After several nights of this convention crap, our eyes and ears and general faces have somewhat glazed over. We are Instacarting vodka and occasionally...

Donald Trump has some new ideas about the U.S. commitment to the NATO alliance. They are ridiculous, frightening thoughts.

Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention really brought the room to life. Luckily for Cruz, no one was distributing torches and pitchforks.

Al Baldasaro -- a former New Hampshire state rep and retired Marine Sergeant whose job it is to advise Donald Trump on veteran's affairs...

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