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  should've held the rally at a popeye's

University Of Wisconsin Profs: This Campus Is No Place For Speech

Today, Barack Obama spoke in front of 30,000 supporters at the University of Wisconsin, which is surprising, because a day full of cable news has informed us that everyone hates Barack Obama now after he didn’t straight pimp slap Mitt Romney last night. Anyway, three professors at UW are Republicans … oh, we mean, very concerned about the disruptive, invasive nature of the event. A trio of high-profile UW-Madison professors went public Wednesday with concerns about President Barack Obama’s planned Thursday campaign rally, saying students who want to attend are unfairly being required to supply a phone number and email address to the campaign, even having to click “I’m In” to get a free ticket at the campaign’s website. “If you want to go to this hugely important and interesting event you have to register with the campaign,” said political science professor Donald Downs. “That raises questions.” Downs was joined by law professor Ann Althouse and political science professor Ken Mayer in raising concerns. Mayer sent a letter outlining four concerns to university administrators on Wednesday. Althouse later shared it with¬†instapundit.com, a conservative-leaning blog run by a Texas law professor. Conservative academics pissed about liberals on campus, who then e-mailed Instapundit? This is a NEW AND SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT IN ACADEMIA. Read more on University Of Wisconsin Profs: This Campus Is No Place For Speech…