domestic violence

Look, we are also VERY SAD when a prominent Dem does — or is accused of doing — something wrong, but we have to write about it, you know, we really do. And damn, we would really love it if the domestic violence accusation against Alan Grayson turned out to be nothing but overheated vapor […]

So here is one of those stories that you really hope turns out not to be true, but it doesn’t look good: Florida Democrat Alan Grayson has been accused by his wife of having a “history of physical violence,” and a judge has issued a temporary protective injunction against him following an incident Saturday in […]

A legally blind Florida man who shot a houseguest/drinking buddy to death during a fight in 2012, then was acquitted under the state’s “stand your ground” law, has won a lawsuit asking to have his guns returned to him. It is not known whether the guns suffered from having been away from their rightful owner. […]

These days George Zimmerman is taking a cue from all those people comparing themselves to Gandhi, and Mandela, and Rosa Parks. Almost (actually, not “almost”) to a man, those people were in fact fighting for the opposite of what Gandhi, and Mandela, and Rosa Parks were fighting for! (It was pretty funny, except for how […]

So remember how Brave Ground Standing Hero George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violencing his girlfriend? Of course you do, because it was just the other day, and even if you missed the headline, you are not the least bit surprised because that sure does sound like goofy ol’ George, doesn’t it? Well, it turns […]

The Orlando Sentinel has confirmed that George Zimmerman, the white-Hispanic knight who saved Florida from hordes of ravaging teenage boys going to the market, has been arrested. Details of the arrest were not available, but here is some serious What the Fuck: It’s not clear what happened or what crime he’s accused of committing, but […]

Oh, hey, never mind, no harm, no foul. After a confrontation in Lake Mary, Florida, on Monday, in which he allegedly threatened his “estranged wife” Shellie (there’s a term you only see in journamalism), George Zimmerman is not in jail, Shellie Zimmerman is not pressing charges, and the whole story is getting the full-Rashomon dissection […]

You know how men are the real victims of domestic violence and rape and sexism and discrimination and everything else? Hey, stop laughing, it’s true! It says so on some websites created by men for men. It is a FACT that since creation, women have ruled everything and forced the weaker sex — men, obviously […]

Were you feeling OD’d on Nice Time* and hoping for a methadonic story to take your mind off all that nice time and get you back to rolling your eyes so hard you get a migraine and wanting to drive an icepick through your skull just to distract yourself from the “Are you fucking kidding […]

Freedom, where have you gone? Why has careful gun steward Clark Aposhian had his weapon seized by notorious Second Amendment haters (Utah cops) just for, like, doing some domestic violence (ALLEGEDLY) at his ex and her husband, and being a total (ALLEGED) screamy violent psycho? And how is he supposed to do his dayjob of […]

Move over Galt’s Gulch! Get out of here, Somalia! Josephine County, Oregon, is here to show you how real rugged individualists do: by refusing to vote to raise property taxes, even though the county ain’t got no more police outside of regular business hours, and the sheriff says “every day” someone is the victim of […]

Well that is a relief! The fine fellows at Zombie Industries, the ones who nyuk-nyuk-nyuked about their bleedy Barack Obama “Rocky” target what bleeds when you murder it with your gun, have “discontinued” their shooting targets of “The Ex.” Coincidentally, the Ex is a pretty lady in lingerie what bleeds when you murder it with […]

Gosh. Norristown, Pennsylvania seems like it must be a real nice place to live what with its strict schoolmarm rule against “disorderly behavior.” In order to be fair, however, the rule applies not only to those who perpetrate “disorderly behavior” but also to those who might happen to be victims of it. Best legal system […]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Oh, Chris Matthews, you disgusting pile of ugh. We do not even know what to say about the latest diarrhea that came out of your face while you were coffee klatching with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC except (a) Seriously? (b) Why do you […]

This bloke, Reno, he is quite a bloke! As a men’s rights activist, he totally GOTCHAED all those harpies who only pretend to care about domestic violence, when they really just want to falsely accuse these gallant knights of unspeakable acts what are not true. They also want to murder all our bepenised brethren and […]