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Trump Starts A Trade War Because He Can. Wonkagenda For Fri., March 9, 2018

Trump starts a trade war, Ryan Zinke spent $139,000 on a door, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is in the dog house. Your morning news brief.

AARP Tells GOP To Get That Filthy TrumpCare Off Its Lawn

With global warming, there aren't even enough ice floes to strand the old folks on.

Not So Happy With TrumpDontCare? How About John Conyers’s ‘Medicare For All’ Instead?

We really ought to try this one weird trick.

Team Trump Thinks Grandma Millie Has Too Much Money. Luckily, They’re Here To Help!

'No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up.' -- Lily Tomlin

Bigot Tennessee Therapists Can’t Wait To Screw The Gays For Jesus

Hey, here's a new and different kind of gay-hatin' law that just got signed in Tennessee! All over the country, we're getting used to laws barring transgenders from pee-pee time (for Jesus, and to protect YOUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS) and...
Everybody Must Get Stoned

Jesus Pals Disagree On Which Whores To Stone, Just Kidding No They Don’t

Donald Trump's suggestion last week that of course there have to be criminal penalties for women who have abortions -- even after he tried to walk it back -- has caused no small amount of consternation among the Religious...
Dr. Marcia Bowden and her husband, Ira Marche. (pic via The New Tri-State Defender)

Black Doctor Jailed Because Her Husband Said A Swear

Picture it: You're a doctor. In fact, you run your own internal medicine practice. You're a medical geneticist, in one of the hardest, most specialized fields in medicine. You get a patient emergency call, so you drop everything and go....
She's not a doctor, but...

Fox Chick Certain All The Man Prisoners Will Want Hoo-Has Now

You know that thing when a transgender person gets gender reassignment surgery, and everybody at Show And Tell is like "ooh, me too, this is the next hottest thing, gender reassignment surgery, MOOOOOOOMMMM, why does Jessa get gender reassignment...

It’s Sunday Funday At The Wonkette, Let’s Reminisce About The Week That Was!

Hola, Wonkerados! How is your Easter Sunday going? Ours is very nice! Won't you sit and have some internet brunch with us, so we can reminisce about all the lovely things that happened during the week? It wasn't all...
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Stop Supporting The Gays’ Rectum Rituals!

Time for another trip to the Deleted Comments Cornfield where we wish away all the comments that don't meet our high standards for good commentiness, or which we just don't want stinking up our nice little comments section. Take, for...
Two men, no plan, Nalponnemowt!

Boehner And McConnell Have Awesome Replacement For Obamacare But Left It In Their Other Pants

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner went on the 60 Minute televisual informatical program Sunday to explain all the exciting plans the Republicans have for uprooting Obamacare and replacing it with something much...
Srs Doctors are Srs

Doctors To Fox Host: Vaccinate Your Kids, Idiot

A panel of doctors had very little patience for a Fox News host's "hurr-durr, LIBERTY" argument Wednesday, rejecting the notion that people should be allowed to opt out of vaccinating their kids simply because they don't want Big Government pushing...
It was this or a photo of Rand Paul, and we love you too much to do that

Rand Paul Torn Between Libertarian Principles And OMG EBOLAZ!!!!!1

Sen. Rand Paul MD is trying to decide where he stands on the important issue of putting healthcare workers in quarantine regardless of whether they have Ebola symptoms or not. (Remember kids, that's the only time people are infectious: after they're...
dr mike jd aww yeah

Rep. Dr. Mike Kennedy, Esq., Will Protect Utah From Dangerous Hospitals

People of Utah, did you know you are under threat by monstrous hazards that lurk behind gleaming facades, endangering your very life under the diabolical ruse of helping you avoid death? There could even be one of these hulking terrors right in...