dnc 2012

Haha, we have no idea how Rebecca broke the internet! But here we are! 10:56 OMG Barry is totally doing a clip show here! 10:59 This, fellow students of Rhetoric, is what ya call a “peroration.” And it freakin’ ROCKS.

Welcome, Wonketteers, to the Now-Slightly-More-Godly DNC, Night Two! They are letting the new guy run the liveblog tonight, and the new guy does not even have cable! If there’s any kind of over-the air signal, we will at least have PBS or something, otherwise, it’s an NPR / DNC livestream blog. 9:20 There is someone […]

Elana Kagan is “okay” as far as Harvard lesbians go, but most Americans would rather have an empathetic Supreme Court Justice, someone who knows deep down inside that ripping bong should be legal. [Matt Yglesias] Get totally pumped for RedState Gathering 2010, because this year it will be held in Austin, Texas — “rubbing in […]