Can you solve a Rubix cube? Do you know how to count backwards from 100 by intervals of 8? Can you name the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? No? (Conquest, War, Death and Famine). Okay! Time to start practicing, Wisconsin voters. If you are headed to the DMV to apply for your free state voter […]

Evil corporate lackey Scott Walker recently got a memo on his desk from the fringe conservative Koch-fundedĀ  American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that drafts bills for GOP lawmakers who are too stupid or too lazy to pen the enormous quantities of the Kochs’ slobbering hate for the poor into formal legislative proposals. The memo […]

Facial recognition software operates on the principle that people never make expressions ever, and just wander the earth looking like dead-eyed zombies. Thus the Virginia DMV, in order to make driver’s license pictures more compatible with the latest facial recognition techmologies, has decreed that you can’t smile in your photo.

TOP  10:35 am November 5, 2007

Bear Hunting in Virginia!

by John Clarke Jr.

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Nice Ass

by Ken Layne