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Meet The (Alleged) Preteen-Loving Pastor Of The Church That Awarded WND For ‘Trustworthy’ (Alleged) Journalism

So yesterday Your Wonkette had an amusing little story about how the loons at WorldNetDaily won a prestigious award for their journamalism, given by some fellow loons at “The Discerning Times,” a Christianist newspaper and website in Enumclaw, Washington. Shortly after the story went up, we received a note on the Wonkette Tipline (thanks, Anonymous!), pointing out that Discerning Times is published by the Sound Doctrine Church of Enumclaw. The church appears to have a bit of a discernment problem itself, as its assistant pastor, Malcolm Fraser (no relation to the former Australian Prime Minister), was charged in March 2012 with raping a ten-year-old girl some 20 times during 2005-2006. The Discerning Times, which only began publishing in August 2012, has devoted a good deal of its content to proclaiming Fraser’s innocence and insisting that the charges are part of a smear campaign “by hostile ex-church members.” You will be astonished, dear readers, to learn that WorldNetDaily prominently featured a story about the case in December, suggesting that Fraser is merely the victim of “anti-Christian bias.” Then three weeks later it won that major award for being a trustworthy news source! In fact, the editor of Discerning Times “actually considered placing WorldNetDaily at the top of the list” because it’s so awesomely excellent and trustworthy and devoted to the truth. Read more on Meet The (Alleged) Preteen-Loving Pastor Of The Church That Awarded WND For ‘Trustworthy’ (Alleged) Journalism…
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WorldNetDaily Named America’s Second-Most-Trustworthy News Source: It’s a Major Award!

It looks like we may have to stop slagging so much on WingNutDaily, guys. It turns out that they were named one of America’s “most trustworthy news sources” by an “independent news organization” that carefully ranked news organizations for their “reliability, accuracy, quality, balance and reach.” WND came in second only to the Drudge Report, and its trustworthiness was determined to be greater than other honorees such as The Blaze, Ghost Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, NewsBusters, The Weekly Standard, and, at number eight, some thing called “The Wall Street Journal.” The award from “The Discerning Times” singled out WND for its “continual commitment to the truth and top-notch journalistic practices.” The citation doesn’t specify which of WND’s many outstanding journalistic endeavors earned the honor, because it’s more of an overall-bestness-of-excellentosity kind of thing, but we’re betting it was their exposé of Barack Obama’s gay-sexing of Islam, or possibly their post-election discovery of a clever loophole in the Constitution that could have nullified Barack Obama’s reelection if everybody just believed hard enough. Or maybe it was their stunning revelation that before gay homosexual black muslim drug dealer Barack Obama was forced to marry Michelle for appearances, she was a lazy layabout black lady who never worked and was also shiftless. Say, did we mention that one of the criteria for the award was that stories be reported without any “bias or agenda”? Read more on WorldNetDaily Named America’s Second-Most-Trustworthy News Source: It’s a Major Award!…