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Tag: disabilities

I guess I put my foot in my mouth. Bummer you can't do that!

Sen. Mark Kirk ‘Jokes’ About Tammy Duckworth’s Ethnicity, Military Service. How Can He Lose Now?

What is it about Tammy Duckworth that makes her opponents so stupid?

Virginia Congressional Candidate Pretty Sure God Made Your Baby Disabled Because You Had An Abortion, You Slut

Well here's an update on a dude we first heard about way back in 2010: Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall said back then that he believed that God punishes women who have abortions by sending them disabled children when...

Hero Connecticut Supreme Court Justices Defend Rapists From Clutches of Temptresses With Cerebral Palsy

Here, Wonketteers, let us blog at you about a very, very sad story made EVEN SADDER by the geniuses serving on the Connecticut State Supreme Court. See, back in 2008, a man from Bridgeport, Connecticut, was found guilty of...

Nutty Joe Klein Touches ‘Third Rail Of Charles Krauthammer Criticism’

Your Wonkette does not have much praise to bestow upon the collected letters & columns of Washington Post warbomber Charles Krauthammer, who loves torture more than Dick Cheney does and hates "fairness," hmm, slightly less than Dick Cheney does?...

Joe Biden Encourages Man In Wheelchair To ‘Stand Up’

Oh God Joe Biden is hilarious. He cannot go more than 45 minutes without saying something incredibly awkward. Fortunately, he is so used to making embarrassing remarks that he's like, "Enh, well, start the clock again people!" and just...