Let no one say that Kentucky’s lawmakers will not engage in the most heroic levels of dumb when it comes to climate change denialism. If there were an Olympics in derp, the Kentucky Lege would win gold in every possible event. They would be the Michael Phelps of dumb. Witness the recent meeting of their […]

There is both good news and bad news for America with regard to Congress being in the grip of shitwitted climate change-denying wingnuts. The bad news is that we’ll be buying oceanfront property in Cincinnati before these nitwits admit maybe they could pass some laws to mitigate the problem. The good news is that yr […]

Hey, remember Allen Quist, the homophobic Gollum lookalike who Mother Jones profiled a few months back? You know, Michele Bachman’s political mentor, the chap who “went undercover at an adult bookstore and a gay bathhouse in an effort to prove to a local newspaper reporter that they had become a ‘haven for anal intercourse’”? YES, […]

Quick, everybody! To the Youtube version of the Book of Leviticus! There, you can listen about what kind of extra-virgin olive oil to anoint yourself with while you scatter the ashes of BudgetTravel.com’s charred corpse! But why are you sacrificing Budget Travel to your cruel and vengeful Yahweh? Oh, only because it hates all Christians, […]

They should really do one of those Dirty Jobs shows about dealing with C-SPAN callers. [Videogum]

We shouldn’t expect anything weird to be tacked onto this nice little Howard Kurtz profile about how Time is somehow currently profitable despite utter irrelevance, correct? OH GOD: “The Washington Post has a new op-ed columnist.” Yes, if Krauthammer can be entrusted with lots of money to turn in a logic-hating column every week, why […]

By the Comics CurmudgeonNormally this feature only brings you terrifying visions of nightmare horror, like rivers of blood and naked Dick Cheney and such. Editorial cartoons are full of these things, because editorial cartoonists think that they’re “edgy,” and much darker and realer than the people who draw, like, Blondie, man. But with so much […]

In this blurry, repulsive frame from actual Texas state government video shot today, a couple of sex-creep furries are standing/sitting around some Texas state representatives. BUT WAIT IT IS WORSE THAN THAT. While it has become all too common to see filthy furries in their filthy semen-encrusted fur-suits at any number of political events or […]

You knew this was coming: Barack Obama’s “Environmental Protection Agency” announced today — wait for it! — that the theoretical leftist fantasy of Global Warming/Climate Change is somehow “not cool” and therefore your tax cuts will now be used, through FEMA NWO death squads, to “create millions of green jobs and end our country’s dependence […]