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So, kids, are we having fun with the government shutdown yet? From dieting kids, to cancer kids, to forced family vacations, isn’t Congress just the best?!? American exceptionalism at its finest! However, the fun is just beginning. Because while a government shutdown only causes headaches and pain for U.S. Americans, Congress is determined to share […]

This article about Goldman Sachs’ legal/lobbying/PR team is completely terrifying. The team includes Obama’s ex-White House counsel Greg Craig, as you know, but also Ken Duberstein, Harold Ford Senior, former SEC commissioner/Shelby aide Richard Roberts, PR sleaze Mark “Master of Disaster” Fabiani, Dick Gephardt, and “a veteran former regulatory reporter for the New York Times.” […]

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Wonk’d: Barely Legal

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Wonk’d: The Breeders

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Wonk’d: Blinged Out Edition

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