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Here’s Jon Stewart with a discussion of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s “super-aggressive terrorist suspect spa treatments.” Hope he doesn’t get too emotional! Best line (we love spoilers), in response to Dianne Feinstein’s “This is not what Americans do”: “Yes! This is not what Americans… except we did … But like with your internment […]

Just in case you were worried that we hadn’t heard enough stupid ideas from the Git Tuff On Roosha wing of the GOP, Ted Cruz weighed in Monday with his own suggestions for what could be done about Russia’s invasion of Crimea: Instead of just imposing wimpy mom-jean sanctions on Russia, how about going full […]

Something weird happened when we learned that the CIA was probably spying on a Congressional committee tasked with investigating CIA abuses, including allegations of torture — you know, like beyond all the torture we already knew about. We are outraged, of course, but our outrage doesn’t feel like it used to. All we feel is […]

Shut it down, people. The 2014 midterms just got a lot less interesting as psychotic swamp beast Liz Cheney emerged from her Sith Meditation Pod and announced she is ending her bid for the Senate seat from Wyoming, citing unspecified “serious health issues” in her family. This was followed by a tortured howl of misery […]

Today on “Fun With Grammar,” let’s take a look at an old favorite, the political passive voice. The great thing about the passive voice, as we all know, is that you can say stuff happened without actually saying who did that stuff, the classic example being “Mistakes were made.” And now, here’s everyone’s favorite kitten-chomper […]

In this new campaign ad, creatively titled “Daughters,” Liz Cheney’s daughters talk about their family’s “deep roots” in the state that their mother left during junior high school and returned to last year to run for Senate. She is totally a Wyoming … what is the word you people say… “gal.” Through and through. Her […]

Dick Cheney surfaced from the cthonian depths this weekend to put to rest any notion that he has ever been Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi’s fishing buddy. Enzi, still smarting from Liz Cheney’s decision to run against him in the Republican primary, had told the Daily Beast last week that he’d thought the former vice president […]

Often is the question asked: Are Dick Cheney crazy, stupid, or lying? Even if you don’t limit yourself to choosing just one, it’s tougher to answer this question about Cheney than it is with many of his peers. Consider this quote, typed out by POLITICO from Cheney’s recent appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show “I […]

Have you been reading a lot of smart takes, a lot of thinkpieces, about how much the computer-y part of the healthcare roll out sucks, and the gubmint should have magically figured out a way to sign up oodles of people who need to provide oodles of data and done so without any glitches in […]

Things are pretty bad now. Many liberals are angry, depressed, or both. We wasted our breath for years, saying “Hey rich folks, we know you don’t love paying taxes, but these people you’re manipulating with ridiculous lies in order to win elections — maybe stop? Because they’re idiots, and they could be dangerous?” Nobody listened. […]

As it turns out, we’re rather happy that we didn’t do anything with the tip we received last week about Dick Cheney’s participation in the then-upcoming “One Shot Antelope Hunt.” Sure, Cheney + Gun = Funny. But by waiting, we now have a far better combination: Cheney + Gun + Malfunction. Yes. That’ll do, Dick. […]

What is it we’re supposed to never forget again? George W. Bush, August 6, 2001: Bush listened to the briefing [Bin Laden determined to strike in US], Suskind says, then told the CIA briefer: “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.” George W. Bush, March 13, 2002: [Bin Laden's] just a person who’s been marginalized. […]

You know how when you were a kid and your parents would try to be all hip with the slang, and your dad said something embarrassing and contextually weird like “this steak is tits, man!” Awful, right? Not nearly as awful as Jennifer Rubin, the deeply un-hip, deeply unhappy, deeply disconnected from actual reality WaPo […]

Since Fox News does not (yet) have representation in the United States Senate, torture fan Liz Cheney announced Tuesday afternoon that she is willing to let the state of Wyoming elect her in 2014, especially now that she owns a house there and everything. We now find ourselves in the curious position of kind of half-heartedly […]

Hero/Traitor/Leakey Man Edward Snowden had a heart-to-heart talk with the internet on Monday, via Glenn Greenwald and The Guardian. We considered liveblooging it, but decided that liveblogging someone else’s  liveblog would be just a little more meta than would be healthy. Still, for a bit over 90 minutes, Snowden answered some 18 out of several bejillion […]