An Oklahoma City man did a perfect imitation of Republican Senator David Vitter by pretending to be autistic and hiring babysitters to change his poopy diapers while he “became sexually aroused.” Apparently you just put an ad on the Oklahoma version of Craigslist and say your “autistic son” needs a babysitter and then you just […]

David Vitter’s Democratic opponent is going to lose to him on Tuesday, so at this point, the only thing he can really do is say, “C’mon Louisiana, you’re going to vote for the guy who buys hookers to dress him up in diapers? Really?” David Vitter is still going to debates with this man, so […]

Oh look it’s David Vitter Jr.: Sign of the times, man, sign of the times.

Ever been to Louisiana? One interesting thing is that the “Mexico” underneath the state is actually made of seawater (and BP oil). But this hasn’t stopped Diaperman’s campaign from producing this comically offensive ad full of Cheech & Chong extras climbing through the Bayou State’s “border fence.”

Have you explored the strange world of men with too much money writing about their escort experiences on the Internet? GOOD, don’t … unless you want to learn what lingo like this might mean: “More then one man can handle alone. PSE is my thing. Keep that gfe shit!” Yeah, who wants that second thing? […]

Why does Barack Obama refuse to cultivate a warm, tender relationship with George W. Bush? Is it because Bush is the jackass who is largely responsible for all the problems that are making Obama’s life so miserable? Or is it because Obama is a mean old sourpuss, and racist against Texans as well? The second […]

Remember diaperman David Vitter, the repugnant squeaky-voiced whore-user who most infamously forces his hookers to change his poopy diapers, and also was a client of the DC Madam who then killed herself? Remember? He’s one of the main Republicans in the Senate, still. Well, his taxpayer-funded staffers are just the kind of people you’d expect […]

David Diaperman Vitter is, of course, a repulsive scumbag who pays hookers to change his poopy diapers and then goes to the Senate to screech wingnut inanities. The Politico, on the other hand, is exactly the same thing, but available as a website or handout. And so it is that the Politico breathlessly reports not […]

Louisiana sex creep David “Diaperman” Vitter is known for one thing, and one thing only: Hiring hookers and then making those hookers put adult diapers on him, so he can poop in the diapers, for sex kicks. He has been caught employing prostitutes at least twice, in New Orleans and in Washington DC — his […]

Disgusting wingnut diaper-fetishist hooker-user David Vitter says he is super excited about wingnuts yelling at him, at one of these Town Hall KKK Rallies. He’s even bringing extra diapers, because he’s already planning on jacking off and pooping in a series of diapers, while old people who really need diapers yell about how they will […]

Is David Vitter’s dad the Pope? Does he know about the Aliens and Area 51? What explains this foul whore-soiling scumbag’s ability to evade justice? Not only did he get caught whoring via the since-suicided DC Madam’s phone records, but he was infamous in New Orleans for demanding his hookers dress him in an adult […]

Hooker-using diaper fetishist Senator David Vitter freaked out at Dulles airport after he missed his flight back to New Orleans. He arrived at his gate to discover that doors had closed and he could not board his flight. A normal person would say, “Oh well, can you try to get me on the next flight […]

YOUR PORNOGRAPHY  4:06 pm February 9, 2009

by Ken Layne

HERE IS THE PORNO-GAL SENATE CAMPAIGN STORY WE POSTED A WEEK AGO: What, did CNN run this today or something? Anyway, porno gal Stormy Daniels vs. David Diaperman Vitter, maybe. Exciting! [It Is Here]

Are you ready for the 2010 midterm election? No? Well too bad, because the campaign began on Nov. 5 of last year, and by the end of this summer you’ll probably hear about nothing else, so let’s start the Wonkette coverage with a nice story about this porn-star/stripper lady in Louisiana, and how she will […]

Republican Senator Larry Craig can’t walk past a public restroom without rushing in and offering to suck everybody’s cock. Republican Senator David Vitter spends all his time and money fucking hookers while shitting in his Depends. Imagine what these creeps might do if homosexual couples got married!