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A year is plenty of time to stop being poor.

Michigan To Poors: Get Jobs Or Lose Medicaid (Unless You Are White)

Michigan crafts its Medicaid work requirements VERY CAREFULLY so it doesn't affect white people at all.
We won't, we promise.

This Is SOME BULLSHIT: Michigan Keeping John Conyers’s Seat Empty For Rest Of His Term

Why would Detroit need a Congressman? THIS IS FINE.

A Fun End Of Day Post With Only A LITTLE Murder!

What evil lurks in the hearts of lawyers? These Jones Day dudes specifically. Your OPEN THREAD!


If you live in one of those cities, Wonkette COMIN' ATCHA THIS WEEK!

Wingnut Debbie Schlussel Says Sean Hannity Perved All Over Her (Must Be Muslim)

Harassment at Fox News? THAT'S UNPOSSIBLE!

Delta Flight Attendant: Is There A White Doctor On This Plane?

A black woman doctor on an airplane tried to help with an emergency. Yeah, you know where this story's heading.
He's not swaying out of rhythm. Everyone else is.

Donald, Interrupted: Black Pastor’s Trump Interview Won’t Air Just Yet. We Wonder Why?

Full video likely to end up in same vault as 'The Day The Clown Cried'
You know, Hillary never cared enough to give you people special marks on your apartment applications

Donald Trump’s Answers To Black Pastor Pre-Scripted, But He’ll Blow It Somehow

To go off script, you must first have a script. -- Lao Tzu
Trump campaign prepares for first visit to a black church

Donald Trump To Visit Black Church In Detroit, No Matter How Dangerous It Might Be

Donald Trump plans to visit an African-American church Saturday, and we're betting we'll never hear the end of it.

Federal Judge Says Hobby Lobby Decision Means Companies Can Bash Trans Folks Now, Thanks Hobby Lobby!

Surprise, fundamentalists are pretty sure 'religious freedom' means they can openly discriminate against anybody they want! Told you so.

DJ Timbaland Knows Flint’s Poisoned Residents Want Him To Have His Expensive Liquor

Whenever there is a crisis that somehow captures the national attention for more than a fleeting moment, we inevitably hit the celebrity stage, where well-meaning (or just coldly calculating, but hey, their money still spends) celebs lend their names...

Iowa Wonkers, Come Pre-Game The Caucuses With Your Beloved Wonkette!

Achtung and hey there, Iowa Wonkers! Come join your editrix, her sessy husband, and her heiress baby on Sunday, Jan. 31, the afternoon before the caucuses, and let us ram and cram beer or a soft drink down your...

The State Of The Wonkette Union Is ‘Grifty’

Friends, Wonkers, perverts, lend us your danglies and your girl-danglies, and also listen up, sons (and girl-sons)! We come before you today to tell you that in 2015 you gave Wonkette $79,071 straight from your EBT cards, and that...