America, do you love your GOP legislators? Do you love the fact that they can just get stone-cold obstreperous and block things like relief for hurricane victims? Did you like the march right up to the edge of the goddamn fiscal cliff? We bet you did! There’s nothing funner than governing by petulance! So, we […]

Right-wing hobo prince Erick Erickson started a cheeky conservative response to the popular “We are the 99 percent” tumblr with his very own “We are the 53 percent” site using the Republicans’ parrot-poop false “point” that only 53% of Americans pay taxes. The site is remarkable only for the fact that the user-submitted stories are just […]

Detroit, the Inland Empire, East St. Louis, Yuma (?!), some place in Ohio — these and other such grim spots have been named America’s Most Depressing Places, by the Business Insider website, which is apparently about depressing places. Did your hometown make the list? Did you know “West Palm Beach” is also one of the […]