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Jerry Brown Shoves California National Guard Up Trump’s Ass. Ow, That Smarts!

Jerry Brown seems to think the National Guard should do National Guard stuff, not Border Patrol stuff.

Donald Trump Says More Stupid Shit About Guns

Donald Trump says no firearm safety laws could have helped in Texas. The Air Force's failure to report the shooter's domestic violence conviction suggests otherwise.

Mattis Throws Himself On Military Transgender Ban, Saves Trump From Stupid Tweet

Some old soldiers may have a clever plan to make Trump's idiotic transgender ban just fade away.
the smile of dubious loyalties.

Trans Ban? Tammy Duckworth’s Robot Feet Kick Trump’s Draft-Dodging Ass. Again.

Tammy Duckworth has had quite enough of your shit, Mr. Trump.

Secret Service: The Rent At Trump Tower Is TOO DAMN HIGH

President Griftabuck can't seem to squeeze enough cash out of the Secret Service to make protecting his life worthwhile.

Trump Fires Trans Soldiers, Protects America From Talking About Jeff Sessions For A Day

It may look like a distraction, but it's plenty real for thousands of active military and civilian Defense Department employees.

‘She Was Warned.’ Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb. 8, 2017

Elizabeth Warren won't sit down, Jake Tapper gets snippy with Kellyanne Conway, and Betsy DeVos will shove your kids full of Jesus. Your morning news brief!

Donald Trump To Hide Money In Cheeseburgers? Wonkagenda for Friday, December 9, 2016

Donald Trump's weird web of money, a walking heart attack for labor secretary, and Congress critters are giving Russia the stink eye. Your Daily News Brief!

The Humble Hannity? Your Wonkagenda, November 2, 2016

Donald Trump's pervy sex novel, Bernie Sanders burns big pharma, and a Texas A.G. learns all about Twitter. Your Morning News Brief!
Not actual off-base housing. YOU find a funny image for "military housing allowances"!

GOP Loves Troops So Much, Will Cut Troops’ Housing Allowances

Whoops, looks like 'The Troops' might be a bunch of 'The Takers,' at least according to the GOP!

Pentagon Officially Sick Of Your Benghazi Sh*t

By now, we all know what happened that fateful night in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton made FOUR DEAD AMERICANS while she ate bon bons and phone-lesbianed Huma Abedin, because she was home alone THE WHOLE NIGHT that night. She also...
Wanna discuss important Pentagon business?

Pentagon Workers Using YOUR Tax Dollars For Gamblin’ And F*ckin’

Would you be outraged to know that Pentagon employees (military AND civilian) have been using YOUR TAX DOLLARS GRRR for the services of cardsharks and common harlots? WELL THEY ARE (kinda sorta). GET MAD: A Defense Department audit has found that...
It is TOTALLY a conpisracy

Pentagon Says There’s No Plot To Invade Texas. But It Would, Wouldn’t It?

In a move that was as touchingly optimistic as it was futile, the Pentagon attempted to reassure nervous Texans that an upcoming training exercise is definitely not a secret plan to declare martial law, impose UN control over the...
Imagine that.

Surprise, Military Even More Rapey Than We Thought

As we've mentioned once or twenty times, the Pentagon has a bit of a problem with rape. Just how bad a problem with rape? Hard to say -- a 2013 Defense Department report estimated that about 26,000 members of the...
America: Kept Safe By Being The World's Policeman

In Pentagon’s Special Vietnam History, Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

2015 is the 50th anniversary of the American deployment of ground troops to Vietnam -- oh, sure, there were "advisors" well before that, but March 8, 1965 was when we first sent in 3,500 Marines. And to mark the...