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Gianforte’s Thug Life. Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 25, 2017

Montana House race gets brutish, CBO score slaps TrumpCare 2.0, and Hannity is taking a vacation. Your morning news brief!
Jane, you igneous slut

Deleted Comments: We Have No Idea What These People Are Talking About, But Boy Are They Angry

These kids today with their crazy slang!
Sorry. Had to spell it that way this once

Deleted Comments: Nazis And Furries And My Little Pony Because Man, People Suck

Yep, far-right loonies are everywhere.

Trump’s Inner Circle Now A Firing Squad. Yr Wonkagenda: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rudy Giuliani's dirty, filthy money, Ben Carson admits he's A Idiot, and Steve Bannon kind of hates Jews. Your daily news brief.

Hillary Clinton Inspires America’s Little Girls To Become Corporatist Shills, Or President

Hillary Clinton would like to have a word with you young ladies out there: Get yourselves elected.

Senate Sunday: Colorado Republicans Go Do Some Election-Fraud Crimes!

This 2016 election is not looking all that great for the Republicans holding on to the Senate. Democrats only need to pick up five seats to retake control, and with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, the...

Oregon Militia Dongweasels Too Good For Free Dildos, We Guess

Awwwww, those jacknugget Bundy militia boys are upset! They've been begging for snacky cakes and Miracle Whip and Tampax and instead everybody's sending them complimentary sex toys, to put inside their fannies and their mouths or maybe to just...

Denver Man Cites ‘Historian’ Bill O’Reilly, Offers Us Meth. Ayup.

The homeless guy he brought with him was mortified. He put his head in his hands, and cradled it gently. "I just met him!" the homeless guy said. "I don't even know the guy!" That was after the non-homeless...

Wonkette Wonk-Luck Will Be Mile-High, Denver, TONIGHT! (Boulder Saturday, Boulder!)

TONIGHT, from 5 to 9 p.m., the Wonkette #Wonkebago Kiss Your Mama Tour will be rolling (a fat doob) into Denver! Bring a plate! And a cup! Because as we discovered Wednesday in Santa Fe, I do not actually...

Wonkette Kiss-The-Baby Tour Rolling Into Santa Fe Tomorrow! (Today? Anyway, Wednesday)

Friends, outlaws, Americans! The Wonkette Wonkebago mini-tour of States That Are On The Way Home From Grandma's has officially begun! Won't you come and kiss our baby and give her the many germs she needs to grow strong and...
Still stoked that Chris Hayes used this back in February.

Wingnuts Win! AP History Exam Will Only Pass Patriot Kids Who Know America Is Perfect

We're not sure it's as huge a capitulation as Barack Obama's complete surrender to Iran, but it looks like there may be Peace In Our Time in at least one theater of the Culture Wars. After a year of...
Just sign it and shut up, sister

Federal Court Tells Nuns To Shove Paperwork Right Up Their Jesus Holes

There is this group of nuns in Colorado, and they are a bunch of dicks. No, seriously, They. Are. DICKS. The Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged is ostensibly dedicated to doing good Jesus-y things, for old...
Yes, kiddo, it is.

Colorado Heating And Air Company Isn’t Racist, Just Doesn’t Like Serving Blacks, That’s All

A Denver area heating and cooling company is facing boycotts and general outrage after one of those secret local news investigations found that they really seem to hate black people! The company is called Mile High Heating and Cooling,...
Um... I don't mind the head covering. But why goggles and bunny ears? I'm sure there's a very good reason.

Schoolkids Take Mosque Field Trip, Wingnuts Obviously Just Fine With That

Here is the latest evidence that the entire nation has been taken over by Sharia Law (the creeping kind): On a field trip to a Denver mosque, girls will be required to cover their hair. What has this country...
The simile seems lost on Rachel

Let’s Go Weed Shopping In Denver With Rachel Maddow (Video)

Rachel Maddow was in Denver for a live broadcast Tuesday night. Warning: It's a little weird to watch the news with an audience applauding and cheering in the background. The highlight (ha!) of the episode was Maddow's visit to a...