Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is not a smart man. Oh, I know, I know. There’s a conservative fairy tale that Cruz is REALLY smart (Democrats, beware!) because he went to Princeton and Harvard Law School and was super good at debating, and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz called him “off-the-charts brilliant.” But given his complete […]

I’m probably not supposed to say this. I should be a Good Democrat and a Good Feminist and take the latest symbolic crumbs Senate Democrats are offering and say, “Thank you, sir.” (They are mostly sir, of course, which is part of ALL the problems, but let’s not even get into that right now.) In […]

American torture hero and semiemployed former congressjerk Allen West is very, very concerned about this “Tammy Duckworth” person having agreed to be on the Big BenghaziPalooza Special Committee, because how can Americans be sure she actually loves America, and is not some kind of legless traitor like Max Cleland?

Well here is a fine how do you do: Rep. Steve Stockman, fresh off losing his big Senate primary to John Cornyn, became a Hero of Science Monday by pointing out that both astrology and climate change are nonsense. In advance of the Democrats’ all-night climate change slumber party, Stockman bravely tweeted: The party that […]

Bad news for anyone who was looking forward to another stupid debt ceiling standoff: popular television personality and Speaker of the Whole House John Boehner says he will hold a House vote tomorrow to raise the borrowing limit of the United States, which he expects will pass only with a big assist from Democrats: House […]

It would be so exciting to live in a country where “Obamacare Medical Codes Confirm: Execution by Beheading To Be Implemented in America”, but PolitiFact says no, we cannot live there because there is a fire on its pants. Why is PolitiFact so mean to our childlike sense of wonder and our precious need to […]

Don’t worry about this recent poll that shows Generic Republican leading Generic Democrat in Generic Congressional race 49% to 47%. Never mind that Democrats were 8 points clear in this poll just last month, probably due to the time Obama personally barricaded all the national parks with heaps of dead veterans and bald eagles. Americans […]

Harry Reid is not perfect, as he’ll be the first to tell you. Second to tell you will be your Wonket, your Wonkette, and all of les enfants terrible who would leave comments here, if we allowed those. It’s a three-way tie of telling you second. That said, we can’t think of anyone who’s more […]

Well all right then. The government shutdown happened. While some Republicans were calling this “dance” something to “compromise” and “negotiate” into giving them exactly everything they ever wanted ever, and Democrats were “refusing to be extorted,” the clock instead struck midnight and everyone just went home, probably because they had finally run through all the […]

Well, kids, it looks like you have been praying to the right librul gods and goddesses after all, because we have ourselves a Festivus miracle right here in September, per Politico: Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun informing influential Democrats that she intends to run for governor in 2014, according to […]

Oh, Sen. David Vitter (R-Whore House), we heart you soooooo much. No, really, we do. You are, in fact, our very favorite diapers-wearing john in the whole Senate. While some politicians might slink away from the public eye in disgrace after getting busted for patronizing professional women of the night (you know, paying hookers for […]

Harry Reid, if you end the filibuster — or even limit its use such that executive appointments can be a thing again — you will henceforth be known as The Stormin’ Mormon, by us and whoever wants to join us, unless or until we think of something better. So do it! Don’t just talk about […]

There’s a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation that shows child poverty increased between 2010 and 2011 even as the economy was allegedly recovering from the recession, but who cares, kids don’t read blogs anyway, right? Ha, we joke, because that’s what we do when we are sad! Remember how corporate profits reached […]

Shelly is back! Without leaving!  After announcing her retirement, rivers of tears flooded the Wonket seekrit chatcave at the loss of such a proud Swiss-American leaving Congress to do who-knows-what (raise 84 more children? Destroy local school boards? Go back to being an IRS lawyer? Lose a Senate race to Al Franken?). But she is […]

Look, Democrats have a lot going for them right now. There’s our “flashy” President B. Barry Bamz and his healthcare law that can’t possibly be as bad as Republicans have spent the last half a decade derping that it will be, so expectations managed there; the country’s suddenly a lot cooler with gay folks, pot […]