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Bernie Sanders's former campaign manager thinks diehard Bernie supporters could act a little less like Trump supporters. Dreamer.

Bernie Sanders gave his pre-convention valedictory to supporters Monday, but darned if they're ready to let him quit. Guys, he's done. He says he's done!

One of the leaked DNC emails shows party operatives floated the idea of hinting Bernie Sanders was an atheist. Good lord, that was stupid.

Just in time for the Democratic National Convention, Debbie-Wasserman Schultz has fired herself. Bloody well about time.

No for real that happened, CLICK TO LEARN THE STORY.

Wonkette is comin' to the conventions, and we wanna stay at YOUR HOUSE!

If he were Hillary, we would wonder if he were on the rag.

You guys probably remember how Bernie Sanders narrowly lost the Nevada Caucus to Hillary Clinton a few weeks back; it was really...

Oh ho ho and SHOTS FIRED! and you better be scurred, Hit-lery Benghazi Vince Foster Clinton, because convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza is out of...

In the annals of political lying, quoting someone out of context is almost not even surprising any more, as anyone familiar with the "you...

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