HILLARY IN THE HOUSE  11:48 am August 14, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

HILLARY CLINTON WILL BE FORMALLY NOMINATED AT DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: “Reports of strife between negotiators for Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are exaggerated and the two sides are nearing an agreement on how Clinton’s delegates will participate in the formal nominating process at the Democratic National Convention, according to advisers to both Democrats.” [Marc […]

Here’s the first page of a real letter from some sad panda named Marvin D. Wells, one of 28 pledged Hillary Clinton delegates from Washington State who will still cast his vote for her at the national convention in August. He still hopes that Hillary can pull off a coup at the convention, you see, […]

Lanny Davis, the staunch Clinton ally and textbook definition of why our society hates lawyers, has spent the last month or two or sixteen making a fool of himself as he tries to ruin Obama’s chances in November. During the Pennsylvania primary he noted how pathetic a candidate Obama is; he comically melted down on […]

[AP via Drudge Report]

Can Obama do it? Can Hillary force herself to lose? Every reporter in the country is scanning e-mails, harassing sources, divining from “expense reports,” following travel schedules, monitoring clandestine superdelegate meetings, et cetera et cetera and so forth, to see what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Here’s a bulleted list of tea leaves being read. Our guess? […]

“The Democrats are throwing the election away. And for what? An inadequate black male?” [Firedoglake] American Hero Lanny Davis runs around the Marriott shouting and cursing at people to listen to his crap, only to be mocked. You must read this 80 times. [Huffington Post] Larry Sinclair shows up, carrying a box of “Obama’s DIRTY […]

Here’s a picture from our Wonkette “Saturday” operative. It is the worst car in the world, and America should be ashamed of it. It’s “rallying” around the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee at some Marriott in northwest Washington D.C., along with various comical Hilltards and tragically counter-protesting Obamatards. Somehow the only result of the meeting […]

HILLARY CLINTON  5:44 pm April 29, 2008

by Jim Newell