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They may not know what's in their bill, but by God they're going to pass it. Good times to be a tax attorney.

GOP Tax Plan Will Leave Poorest Americans Even Poorer. Champagne All Around, Chaps!

The GOP tax plan will screw lower income folks, including their base? The deuce you say.

House Passes GOP Tax ‘Cut’ Raising Taxes For Everyone Under $75K. Champagne All Around!

What are YOU doing to help the already wealthy?

GOP Tax Plan To Help Middle Class Families Become Lower Middle Class Families

How screwed are you? Very screwed. Unless you're Donald Trump, in which case Screw You.

New CBO Report: Nobody Knew Killing Healthcare Was So Complicated!

Here's an impressive thing: Obamacare is actually hard to kill without actually repealing it.

Don’t Spend Your Extra $40 From Trump’s Tax Plan In One Place! (Or $940,000 If You Are Trump)

There's always money in the pitchforks and torches stand.

Trump Idiots Mick Mulvaney And Betsy DeVos Smart Enough To Steal You Blind

Nobody in this administration understands basic English or financial literacy! This should go well!

Breitbart Does Great Job Fact-Checking Obama’s SOTU, Except For All The Facts

Shortly after the president concluded his final State of the Union, Breitbart -- the internet's shrieking, shit-throwing chimpanzee colony -- decided to "fact-check" the speech. It went as badly as you'd expect. Because we really love rubbing salt in the wounds of human beings as...
RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Dear RNC: Stop Bitching About Last Night’s Debate Questions. You Sound Like A Idiot.

Wednesday night's (very dumb) CNBC Republican debate had barely ended before the RNC and individual campaigns were whining and kvetching -- to reporters, their moms, to Pinterest, and everywhere else -- that the questions were SO MUCH UNFAIRNESS to the brilliant...
Why don't you pass the time in the ER with a game of solitaire?

Donald Trump Will Repeal Obamacare, Replace It With Terrific Fence

Donald Trump has the YOOGEST, CLASSIEST plan ever to replace Obamacare, and it's going to be so incredible, it will probably blow his already-perfect plans for defeating ISIS out of the water, that's how good it is. On CNN...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Will End The Internet As We Know It

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, the DHS fight goes to overtime, Scott Walker is misunderstood except not really, and the conservative freakout over net neutrality is totally precedented. Missed last week's report?...
Glad that's all behind us now

Obama Is Bad Commie, Shrinks Deficit Again

Do you remember the Great Deficit Panic of 2011? How Obamacare and The Stimulus and the GM Bailout were going to bankrupt the country? How our children were going to be left roaming the streets, forced to dumpster-dive for...
Wow such current meme. Still more up to date than Norquist

Now Grover Norquist Wants To Drown Republicans In The Bathtub

There is an old saying: if you laid all the economists in the world end to end, Grover Norquist would still be wrong about everything. Still, you have to give him a lot of credit (No you don't). In spite...
Thank god somebody has some fresh thinking!

GOP’s Awesome Plan To Make America All Better, Starting With Killing A Million Jobs

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have affixed their names to a VERY IMPORTANT op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today,* explaining all the terrific fresh new ideas that they'll be able to accomplish with their brand-new Republican control of...
This animation annoys us: aren't the two choo-choos on the left crashing into each other?

Morning Maddow: So Many GOP Lies, So Much Rachel Debunking

Rachel Maddow brought us a double helping of Debunktion Junction Wednesday night, because there was just too much misinformation out there for a single segment. First off, she looked at that outrageous ad that congressmoron Kevin Cramer filmed in...

The Deficit Is Falling Rapidly, But Who Cares Because Look At All These Forgettable Scandals!

Your Wonkette is confused! We were under the impression that the deficit was the single greatest threat to our American Freedom, because it is a big number! We were told that incorporated Americans were su-su-su-SCARED, and they would soon...