Your Wonkette is confused! We were under the impression that the deficit was the single greatest threat to our American Freedom, because it is a big number! We were told that incorporated Americans were su-su-su-SCARED, and they would soon stop wanting to be successful and make money, because “spending” (it is just economics, dumbo). We […]

What has two thumbs and hates job creators? Fox News’ Stuart Varney, that’s who! Here, let us watch him argue at a Patriotic Millionaire as he patiently tries to explain why taxing millionaires will help fix the deficit.

What is Paul Ryan’s biggest mistake, you might be wondering — and yes, we know! It’s hard to pick just one! But if, for some reason, we were going to try, would we pick Ryan’s sponsorship of a personhood amendment? Or maybe the Ryan Plan, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program? Or oh […]

Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Republican (duh) from Utah, has a lot in common with his fellow Republicans, given that he thinks that fixing the deficit is a very, very important issue, but! not so important that we should be willing to cut defense spending or let the Bush tax cuts expire to get the job […]

Congressional Representative Robert J. Dold, a Republican (because SHOCKER) from Illinois, is a self-described “small business owner” from Illinois who is very, very concerned about the deficit. As all Very Serious People know, the deficit is the Most Important Challenge facing America today, and it’s not going to fix itself! It will take very specific, […]

Jabbering moron Joe Biden was trying to save America by turning off a $125 website for endangered species, but somehow everybody still thinks Joe Biden is a fool. So congratulations to Joe Biden for somehow looking worse than congressional Republicans, great job! Reuters reports: Budget talks hit an impasse on Thursday after both Republicans walked […]

Since kicking off his re-election bid with history’s least enthusiastic campaign ad, Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail again, simultaneously presenting his dead-in-the-water deficit plan to the country and trying to get people excited to give him another four years in office. The problem, of course, is that it’s hard for him to […]

What has Congress been up to these days? We didn’t fire them, right? Yes, it would appear they still have jobs, and that job is continually “avoiding shutdown” because voters dividing power between the two very polarized parties these days is akin to snapping the government’s neck and putting it on life support. Sure, the […]

The House Republican leadership is continuing its tireless mission of pitching legislation that will never become law, like spending cuts they say will save $2.5 trillion over 10 years. Some of this is in specific cuts, like a “$1 million mohair subsidy,” which is bravely included despite the overwhelming political power of goats. But much […]

Once again, we are posting the results of a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, which sets up a bowl of suet and has Annie Leibovitz take a snapshot of the Americans around it while Andy Rooney complains about how we don’t use suet anymore. So what is the important lesson we have learned this time, besides […]

Crisis has been averted: The government will probably not shut down at the end of the week, because Democrats put together a giant spending omnibus thing that will fund it for the next fiscal year. And what’s in the omnibus? Nobody really knows, but it’s all greased up and seems to have been cooked well, […]

Your Wonkette recently suggested that our new Orange Overlord should privatize the Smithsonian, because that’s what Alexander Hamilton kept blogging about, in the Federalist Papers. Well, good things come to those who wait (for the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform to release their draft proposal)! Yes, this wise bipartisan commission […]

While the U.S. economy continues to suck, unemployment holds at a very high level, and employers are cutting salaries and benefits at every turn, one important employer is actually paying 11 times more people $150,000-a-year salaries than it did five years ago. And that employer is the federal government. Good for them! Hey, if your […]

Here is a cool new movie about Obama’s socialist federal spending! One-third of the documentary is animated with claymation and computers to “make it entertaining for a younger audience,” according to the filmmaker, Ray Griggs. But what will make it REALLY entertaining for children is that it features interviews with their friends Ken Blackwell and […]

Former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and former Republican Senator Alan Simpson, co-chairs of Obama’s deficit commission, have done all the math and are coming out with their big report soon, and it turns out they do not think highly of our old chum the deficit. Bowles said it is “like a cancer,” which […]