There is absolutely nothing President Bablack H. Obamblack can do to make the GOP happy. Putting forward the Heritage Foundation’s pro-business healthcare reform? SOCIALISMS. Proposing the Republican answer to climate change (from back when Republicans believed in climate change), “cap and trade”? The greatest takeover of private enterprise by government the WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. […]

Listen you guys. We know that you were looking forward to retiring at 67, but we just can’t have that because if we do, Iran will get a nuclear weapon and blow us up. This is the ACTUAL ARGUMENT that “Security Analyst” Robert Kagan is making in the Washington Post, so do not laugh (yet) […]

Hey you guys, quick question, it’ll only take a minute. Which would you choose, food stamps or the Department of Defense? Because Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, posed this ethnical dilemma in the headline of her op-ed piece over at the Wall Street Journal, and you’ll NEVER GUESS which one she […]

The thing about the deficit is that it will cause the end of the world and is an existential threat to freedom, which is why it is so important to deny entitlements to Poors and Olds. Tax increases for rich people and cuts to the Department of Defense, however — that’s different, THAT’s the kind […]

Last November, the Teabaggers won the House for the Republicans, which meant government spending and all post-18th century bureaucracy was gone forever, yay. Except, that big budget deal that saved us all from government shutdown? It’s going to make the government spend more money this year than if spending had just been left alone, according […]

President Obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal today, and everybody who pays attention to these things said, “Eh, too much/not enough.” Even with the tax increases for the wealthy and the humble request that U.S. multinationals occasionally pay a few dollars of tax and the savage cuts to programs that help the very poorest people […]

Monstrous Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson is being very liberal again, just like he was when he “jumped the shark” and personally added “free abortions for all” to the health care bill last year. This time around, he is planning to vote “yes” in committee on the fancy new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” compromise, giving the […]

WHOA HEY  1:53 pm October 23, 2009

by Jim Newell

SENATE APPROVES GAY HATE CRIMES/WAR BILL: The Senate finally approved after 10 billion years a measure to include gay people and all sorts of wacky gender hybrids under the “hate crimes umbrella,” as part of a massive massive war/death/killing Defense Appropriations bill. Now gays can get married! [NYT]

Al Franken is like the best Senator ever, maybe. Here he talking for seven minutes yesterday about his amendment to a defense appropriations bill that would defund KBR (Halliburton) or any other contractor that forces its employees to waive their rights to criminal or civil cases when they get abused or — as was the […]

New York Republican Rep. John McHugh, ranking GOP member of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote this thing for The Hill yesterday that very politely and professionally urged his fellow Republicans to hit Barack Obama hard over Iran, North Korea, the Defense budget, and various other foreign policy issues that the President is a chit-chatty […]

JESUS CHRIST Republicans get away with everything when it comes to Warring, hmm? Barack Obama and Bob Gates raised defense spending by 4%, or $20 billion, for the new budget, but made cuts to missile defense programs — that would exist only so Sarah Palin could pretend that she’s shooting down Putin’s flying dick from […]

Well, this is alarming! An Israeli arms company made a video about its wonderful relationship with the Indian military, and the end product is … sort of indescribable. Watchy watchy, if you hate your life/freedom/tasteful things. [Wired]

Our nation’s Presidents have a long and glorious history of promising “bipartisan healing” and such when it comes to Cabinet appointments. They say they will appoint members of the opposition party to important positions and then they give some toothless middle-of-the-roader an invisible Cabinet post that nobody cares about. Remember Norman Mineta, the Democratic transportation […]