decline and fall

Hey Americans! Do you like governance by snit? OF COURSE YOU DO. What country wouldn’t want its fate determined by petty grievances and your leaders generally acting like whiny little bitchcakes towards one another? We sure do love it! USA! So what is the latest crucial thing that is being blocked by someone having a […]

If you are rational folk (and some tiny portion of you, we presume, must not just be whimsical drunks), you probably feel like you made it thru Bamz’ first term OK. The sky didn’t fall, banks weren’t nationalized, no one took away your guns, and no one really managed to give you socialist healthcare (THANK […]

BLACK FRIDAY  3:43 pm November 26, 2010

Happy Holiday Bargain Day!

by Ken Layne

On this Holy Day of going to the Big Box stores and outlet malls to use up whatever’s left of the American Consumer’s shrinking credit line, as a permanent jobless/starving class approaches one-fourth of the entire population and constant economic fear is the standard emotion for all but the richest 5%, what are Washington’s concerns? […]

DONALD TRUMP  2:08 pm September 20, 2007

by Ken Layne