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Ali Velshi And Stephanie Ruhle Literally Defenestrate Republican And His Dumb Tax Cut Talking Points

You come at these two, you best have your facts straight.
The Platonic Ideal Of Cheesy Thanksgiving Photos

Sorry, Mr. Limbaugh, Thanksgiving Doesn’t Celebrate Pilgrims’ Triumph Over Socialism

Let's debunk some rightwing holiday hooey!

No, Nancy Pelosi Never Said Obamacare Was Secret: Clip And Save!

Let's try killing a myth. Or at least explaining where it came from and giving it a swift kick in the pants.

Donald Trump Demands Obama ‘Look At His Tape.’ What Tape? You Know, THAT Tape!

Look! Here's Barack Obama in 2008 admitting elections are rigged! Or not!
Real picture. Only the words are shooped.

Trump Buddy Roger Stone Says Clintons Murdered JFK Jr., Maybe For Kicks

a href="http://wonkette.com/600611/perfectly-sane-researcher-just-asking-if-ted-cruzs-jerk-daddy-killed-kennedy-yes"It must be Stupid Conspiracy Theory Week on Yr Wonkette, because hot on the heels of Wednesday's revelation that Ted Cruz's dry-drunk evangelist dad might have killed JFK (although the True Science Fact is that Woody Harrelson's dad...
Remember how dirty, scuffed up spaceships were a big deal?

Here, Have A Lot More Star Wars Crap: Your Saturday Nerdout

Happy Long Weekend Saturday, Nerdlings, and here is a whole bunch of Nerdstuff that we meant to bring you last weekend, except some rogue Bernie Sanders droids had to go and steal the blueprints for Hillary Clinton's electoral battle...
All the classiest offices have Kalashnikov lamps

Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore Investigates: Why Does Prozac Keep Mass-Shooting Everyone?

The Loopy Conspiracy Brigade has found a voice (again) in the person of Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who's calling for studies to determine whether psychiatric medications make people suddenly want to use their freedom-loving semi-automatic weapons to commit...
It's almost as if he thought he wasn't breaking the law or something!

Latino Guy Delivers Absentee Ballots In Arizona. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next.

Finally, the right has incontrovertible evidence of voting fraud! Democrats say it's rare, but here is the video that proves just how real and scary it is: "Liberal activist caught on video stuffing hundreds of ballots." Or, from some...
Do not cazzo with il Papa

No, Pope Not Actually Indicted For Child Trafficking, Crimes Against Humanity, Or Fishing Without A License

Those of you with excitable friends who are prone to forwarding stuff from the interwebs may want to keep this handy for debunking purposes: No, actually, Pope Francis hasn't been charged with child trafficking by an international court. (And...

Romney: The Things I Say All The Time Are Debunked And Selectively Edited

As it turns out, we need not see what was in those missing two minutes of video from Romney Gone Wild: 47% Of His Clothes Off. Willy Mittens is now declaring the video "debunked and selectively edited" for some...